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My Skincare Routine!

I tend to change up my skincare routine from time to time and it's been challenging to find something that works well for my skin as it's been quite rebellious for a while now...Ever since I stopped taking birth control my skin decided to break out :/...It's been hard to find products that work for my type of skin as only some areas seem to be more problematic. So far these are the products that have in a way calm down my skin and I also have other products which I didn't include in this list that specially target my breakouts.
1. Drunk Elephant Cleansing Balm   My first impression of this product wasn't the best.. It felt hard and difficult to melt.. It still is but I've noticed that it works better with warm water. I really like the spoon that has a magnetic dot which keeps it in place. It removes most of my waterproof mascara and it's quite gentle, I also love that it's not heavily perfumed. 
2. Clean and Clear Eye Makeup Remover This is a staple in…

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