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Review on Cleansing Balms

In recent years double cleansing has become increasingly more popular in the beauty community.  Micellar water became essential as a first step to removing makeup but in my case I never really got into that trend; instead I really got hooked on cleansing balms. I wear waterproof mascara and I just felt that cleansing balms were much more effective. My journey with cleansing balms has led me to an involuntary review as I've tried a couple from expensive to drugstore; so here are some that I've tried in the past couple of years.

Cleansing Balm - Clinique

I started off with Clinique cleansing balm and it was a game changer in my night routine. It really removes a lot of makeup however it's a bit waxy and once I started using other cleansing balms such as the one from Farmacy this Clinique cleansing balm was slowly put aside... I still have their traveling size which is very handy during trips.

Green Clean - Farmacy

Green clean cleansing balm by Farmacy is my ultimate favorite…

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