Feb 17, 2018

My Skincare Routine (Night Winter)

I don't like to brag about myself but I do have beautiful skin! I love makeup, and I'm guilty for being a makeup junkie but my ultimate love has always been skincare. From my teenage years to my mid twenties, I've come to realize that without a healthy skin your makeup won't ever look that great...

After turning 25, my physique has gone downhill in the sense that I can't eat a big mac and feel awesome afterward... and I've noticed that my skin needed a better regime than regular drugstore products. One might think that Sephora skincare products are full of placebo effects but a lot of them will do miracles on your skin. I use a combination of drugstore, Sephora, and lush products every night. 

I'm currently 27, and this is my skincare routine every night; I have a dry to combination skin and during the winter I go an extra mile for hydration. Now this may not work for you because I have no idea what type of skin you may have but I hope some of these products will help! If you're a beginner to skincare, the best thing to do is to read reviews and do your homework before stepping into Sephora. You can take their skin test online, and it will recommend products but please read the reviews as they can be very helpful! Here are the products I use on a daily basis :) 

1. Clinique - Take the Day Off (38$) - This cleansing balm will literally take the day off your face. It melts away even waterproof mascara. It's gentle, and easy to rinse. 

2. Clean & Clear Makeup Remover (7$) - I only use this on my eyes, as I wear waterproof mascara because I'm a big cry baby. I've tried many, and I prefer this one! 

3. Peter Thomas Roth - Cucumber Cleanser (44$) - I've tried plenty of cleansers, and I've been using this one for the past 6 months, and I'm loving it! I tend to have dry skin especially during the winter, and this cleanser doesn't dry my skin. It's refreshing, has a good smell, and it lasts a good 4 months. 

4. Breath of Fresh Air - Lush - Toner (9 $ - 22$) - I've used this toner for at least the past 5 years, and it has never failed me. I love it because my skin feels tight, and cleaner. If you don't use a toner in your routine, please please do your skin a favour, and go get one! Toning your skin will close back the pores, and minimize their appearance. 

5. Drunk Elephant Protini - Moisturizer (84$) - This is THE most expensive item in my routine but it's definitely worth it. I'm sure someone out there must be thinking " this girl could buy 10 Neutrogena face moisturizers for the price of this one" but the effect won't be the same. I've tried both drugstore, and high end moisturizers, and this one has made a real difference on my skin. 

6. Ultra repair instant oatmeal mask - First Aid Beauty (30$) - I try to do a mask once or twice a week, at first I was a bit skeptical about this mask because I've never tried anything from this brand but it works quite well. It's very soothing, and my skin feels extra smooth. 

This sums up my night skincare routine, it seems like a lot but compared to the 14 steps in Korean skincare it's not even near being a complicated regime. I should add an essence, or serum but I still need to do more research on which one to invest as they can be quite pricey. In addition to this routine, I also love including a Korean or Taiwanese sheet mask which are super hydrating in winter time. 

- Nelly 

Feb 9, 2018

4 Makeup Brands by Latinas

I was hoping for my headline to say TOP 5 but I only found 4 interesting brands that have been founded by Latinas.  More, and more I'm interested in following powerful Latina women that have successfully launch their own business. The cosmetics industry is immensely competitive  and challenging to pierce as every year there are more, and more labels fighting for the same market. Here are 4 Latina women that have been able to mark themselves in the cosmetics industry.  

Famously known for her tattoos,  and rebellious attitude; Kat Von D has been able to create a makeup empire with her image.  One might think she's not Latina considering her fair skin, and name but both of her parents are from Argentina, and she was born in Mexico. Her makeup line has grown extensively since it's debut, and her products are very popular for their long lasting quality. Personally, I love her eyeliners as they are highly pigmented, and stay on forever! 

Melt is more of an independent makeup brand that is not very mainstream yet has a large following on social media, and among makeup artists. Having founders of Latin heritage, this brand is continuously gaining popularity in the makeup industry and on social platforms.  They first became very known for their ultra matte lipstick but all their products are very coveted by makeup artists. 

Seriously? Who doesn't know what a beauty blender is! We have all own at least one, I personally  prefer brushes but I know that many believe in the miracle of an immaculate foundation finish with the beauty blender. Her founder has Mexican roots, and is making the Latin community very proud with her successful product. The beauty blender is probably the most famous makeup tool that is used by celebrities, and makeup enthusiasts. 

Tata Harper is of Colombian roots and has brought her love for nature into her skincare brand. Most people might think she's a typical American woman from New England but she has developed products that are inspired by her motherland, Colombia. Her products are more higher end, and enhance a woman's natural beauty. 

All of these women are inspirational, and are definitely paving the way in the beauty industry for more Latinas. After all, Latinas are known for their natural beauty. 

- Nelly 

Jan 23, 2018

Why Phoebe leaving Celine is harder than my breakup??

You might be asking yourself "WTF" is the girl talking about from the overly dramatic title of my article. Well I hope that if you read until the end of this post that you'll have a better understanding of my statement. I have 3 "F"'s that have always been constant in my life  and those stand for family, faith, and fashion. You might call me shallow for placing fashion on such a high stand on my life but what can I say, it's my passion. 

About a month ago the departure of Phoebe Philo from the Celine house was announced, and my stomach dropped lower than the time my ex broke up with me. For almost the past 10 years, Phoebe has been refreshing the image of Celine, and presenting season after season exquisite pieces of art. 

 Phoebe's views has immensely changed the way women dress and has continuously challenged the norms of women's wear with clean lines, and minimalistic shapes. Besides being a creative genius, she has also shown the fashion industry that it's possible to be an outstanding designer, and a mother of two. From time to time, her shows were changed of location to accommodate her family's needs. 

Throughout her time at Celine, she didn't fall into the rabbit hole of grand celebrity campaigns or recycling past silhouettes from the brand's identity. As a creative director she rebranded the DNA of Celine, and made it refreshing. Her approach to Celine unravelled very organically, and it was never disappointing. One might want to call her a "power woman" but in all honesty I don't like that term because no one would ever say a "power man"... I truly applaud Phoebe Philo for her outstanding work, and for diversifying the way women dress. 

My relationship with Phoebe at Celine was much longer than my recent relationship, and like I said fashion has always been constant in my life. Hence, these types of changes do have an impact on the creative aspect of my life... And sometimes it does feel harder to digest than a breakup. On top of her departure, it has been recently announced that Hedi Slimane will be the new director of Celine, and in all honesty I share my fear with other fashion followers on the direction this house will take.

All I can say is that Phoebe will be deeply missed at Celine.