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30 Questions for my 30th Birthday

This may seem a bit narcissistic but I wanted to have an article where people could get to know me a bit better and could also serve as a self reflection on what I want in my future and also look back on what I've accomplished so far. Everyone keeps telling me that 30 is just another number but for me entering a new decade in my life is a pretty big deal. So I hope you enjoy reading this witty article on myself!
1. What am I most proud of?I'm most proud of always following my dreams and pursuing what I really want to do in my career and never letting my fears get in the way. I'm proud to always push through my anxieties and do my best at everything I put my mind into.
2. Who inspires me? Why do they inspire me?My mother is a huge source of inspiration for me and her strength inspires me to face challenges with faith. Her unconditional love for our family makes me want to be a better person.
3. What does my ideal morning look like?Waking up by the beach with a nice bowl of …

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