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5 simple ways to be Eco Friendly

I believe that a collective movement of small actions can create a bigger wave, which brings me to believe that by changing small habits in our lives can make a difference in the planet. Some people believe that being eco friendly is expensive but if you have the means to pay yourself a cellphone every month I'm sure you can invest on the well being of our environment. I'm sure that most of the actions that I'm writing about are things that you either have put into action or that you've heard of! These are very small habits that I try to stick to and that I find haven't been expensive options to implement on my every day!
1.Use an Epilator It's been a year since I switched from waxing to an epilator. I was a bit scared at first because it's quite noisy but the pain level is almost the same as waxing. If you've never waxed and you've always been shaving then it might be more of a painful transition. It's a bit of an investment as most epilator…

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