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TOP 5 Footwear Trends - Summer 2021

 This article is coming out a little bit later than I would have preferred but I hope it will be of help for those that want to stay in trend for the summer.  Retro sneakers are definitely making a huge comeback this season. New Balance came back really strong with their 327 sneakers that have sold out almost everywhere. I was able to snatch a pair in black and I'm loving the look and comfort. Many other brands have come up with their twist but if you're able to grab a pair of the New Balance 327, just take them they retail for about 110$ CA, which isn't bad for comfortable and stylish sneakers.  These Zori inspired sandals came out last summer and some people did jump on the trend wagon, however they're coming back this summer with many more pattern versions and obviously it's been commercialized.  Personally they're not my favourite, I'm not a big fan of thong sandals as I find them uncomfortable on toes but I could see why these sandals are fashionable. 

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