Jun 11, 2017

Footwear Summer Trends 2017

Summer is finally here after long months of rain and bad weather, it seems like it's slowly coming. Here are some footwear trends that will be hitting up the streets this summer.

 Tech Geek Sandals

Although they are not my favourite, they are definitely trending. Pair them with culottes or knee length dresses, these sandals will breeze your feet.

 90's Open back Sneaker 

The 90's fashion is back, and it's weird to see some of my childhood trends come back full force. These sneakers bring me back to my elementary days, and you will be looking cool if wear them this summer. 

 Old Skool Vans

I've been truly loving vans, and I'm so happy they came up with thick sole Old Skool. These sneakers work well with denim, shorts, and pretty much anything! 

Flat Leather Mule 

These flat mules are a must not only for this summer but for seasons to come, they are simple, and timeless.  

Pool Slides

These Fenty by Puma, combine both trends of jelly (transparency) and pool slide. These sandals are a must if you're into this style, personally these sandals will make your feet sweat, and will possibly get really hot under the sun. 

Mid Heel Mule

Every single designer has brought at least one style of mules for this summer, I recommend to invest in a pair of leather suede mules because they are smooth, and pliable. 

Feb 18, 2017

Lancome Idole Ultra 24 Foundation Review

It's been a while since I've published anything makeup related, but I was very fortunate to review Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation collection. Lancome is celebrating 20 years of Teint Idole Ultra, and to commemorate this anniversary they're expanding their shade selection, and revamped the name to Teint Idole Ultra Wear! Let's also not forget that this past year they launched both a stick foundation, as well as a cushioned foundation both reflecting their original formula of Teint Idole Ultra 24 hr. 

Teint Idole Ultra Longwear Stick Foundation with SPF

This was honestly my first time trying out a stick foundation, and I'm truly amazed by the coverage that it gives. It does give a longwear coverage, however personally I prefer this foundation for contouring! I have a shade that's slightly dark for me so it perfectly for those creases, and cheek bones. 

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Liquid Foundation

If you've read other articles on this blog about my makeup addiction, you probably know that Dior has been my staple foundation for many years, and it's hard for me to find another foundation that is better.  I will say that I'm truly impressed by the quality, and coverage of this foundation. The application is smooth, and it doesn't feel caky on the face. It's easily blends, and it has an extensive shade selection. The price range is pretty high but it's still affordable compared to luxury designer brands, I would really recommend this foundation is you have normal to oily skin. 

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Cushion Foundation SPF 50 

The rave on cushion foundation continues, and from lower end to high end brands everyone is trying them! Before trying on this one, I had only tried one from the drugstore. I was a bit skeptical at first with all of these cushion foundations because I love a good applicator, and with these you're more prone to using the sponge that comes with the compact. This cushion foundation has really long wear, and I would even say that it's almost waterproof. I wasn't able to try this on my face because the shade I received was a bit too light but I tried it on my arm, and it was really difficult to remove. I would really recommend this foundation if you're on the go a lot, and travelling. This cushion foundation is compact, and can be refilled which makes this product planet friendly. I'm very impressed with the consistency, I wish I could give a review if it stays matte or dewy but I can't really give my word on that since I didn't apply it on my face.

Overall, these foundations are all great, and they are all suitable for different types of skins, tones, and lifestyles. I hope this was helpful, and that you will get the chance to try them!

- Nelly

Dec 18, 2016

Top 7 Gender Neutral Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's always hard to find a gift for secret santa games especially when it will be gender neutral! I hope these gift ideas will help you find the perfect gift. 

1. SWELL bottles 

These bottles have been raving all of social media, and no wonder with their variety in colours, and patterns. 

2. Stationary Items

A nice notepad, or cool pencils are always useful! 

3. Coffee or Tea anyone?

Getting a mug for someone is always a good idea when you don't know what to offer! I aways enjoy receiving one!

4. Movie Gift card

I think this is the perfect gift for anyone! I mean who doesn't love to watch movies. 

5. Phone Charger 

Everyone hates running out of battery, so why not offer a great alternative to charging your phone.

6. Starbucks gift card 

I think anyone would enjoy a Starbucks or Tim Hortons gift card, they are very useful, and practical.

7. Wine

I think anyone that is an adult enjoys a nice glass of wine!