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10 things to do after a break-up

Going through a breakup is never easy especially if things ended on a sour note. After my breakups I tend to do many stupid things that I sometimes wish never happened but it's all part of the process. One thing that I've learned is to not be hard on yourself, and that it's okay to be sad or angry. Trust me, you'll go through many emotional phases but keep in mind that it will all pass! Here are some of the things that helped me move on and move forward with my life after a messy breakup. 1. Cut all contact I'm guilty myself of contacting time after time my ex, and still having that hope that I would find the person I fell in love with... However, that person you once fell in love with has moved on and isn't there anymore. As much as it hurts, it's better to completely block them from your life. Literally block them from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter any type of social media platform. You need to focus on yourself, because you need to take care o

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