Dec 11, 2011

Shoes and Men... (3)

so today is the last day of the weekend... and tomorrow the routine is back... for the most part of us...

anyways these are my sister's shoes... well one of the so many pairs she has...

These are one of her most recent purchases and they were quite pricy but totally worth it...

I present to you made in Spain Stuart Weitzman shoes....

Anyways I hope I will soon be able to buy myself a pair of these...Well in this post I will not only talk about shoes but also about men...

This is my third post on this subject and honestly I could go on and on about it...

I truly believe in the idea that a good pair of shoes must be an invest because if they make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself they will boost your self esteem.... and to me that is priceless... and I think a good man will do the same... he will make you feel beautiful but also support you in every aspect of your life...

Lately I've been wanting to date and hopefully meet a good mate but I just run out of time and when I do have time... I'm scared to be wasting my time... and same goes for shoes... lately I have such a hard time finding a nice pair of shoes that are worth their value and I've been getting so frustrated that I feel I'm wasting my time....My friends tell me it will come naturally... I wonder for which one though... lol

anyways to me shoes and men have a correlation

and I hope things will change :) for better...

Nelly ♥

Dec 10, 2011

Make up: Magical

So the weekend has started and I'm thrilled that for two days I will be resting and simply enjoying my bed :)  and also because I have an amazing party that I will be attending this evening...

Anyways last night I felt like playing with my make up and that's how these pictures were taken...

I've always wanted to try to recreate Chicmuse's (very popular fashion blogger) make up... She wears a lot of eye liner which covers most of her eyes... So I recreated her make up but I also added some sparkles

I never get tired of saying that I love to play with Makeup.. I don't see myself walking around the streets of Montreal with this kind of makeup but it's nice to play with makeup and just give it a try...

Just make sure you take it off before you hit the road

Have a nice weekend

♥ Nelly

Dec 5, 2011

look of the day: River Creature


So it's Monday again... and another week has started... but I rather think I only four more days till the weekend comes back :)

So we were lucky to have had a sunny weekend and I was able to take some nice pictures... some of you might be thinking " where the hell is her coat "... well I had one but I took it off for the pictures... I was literally freezing but it was all worth it...

For this photo shoot I wore one of my most recent purchases which is the snake blazer... which I adore!!!
it goes well with a pair of jeans or with a nice skirt for something more formal

and the yellow purse with the fish necklace really completes the whole look... I often wear a lot of black or grey but I really like wearing some colorful accessories to pop out the look

Blazer: Vero Moda
Top: XXI
Pants: Mango
Necklace: XXI
Handbag: MATT & NAT

- Nelly

Dec 3, 2011

Fashion Night: Aragon Couture

Hello :)

So this past week I was cordially invited by a delightful Montreal designer named Eric Aragon ( founder & Head Designer of  Aragon Couture) to Equiterre Fashion Night. With over 5 years in the fashion industry he has been to out stand himself from the Montreal designers. Bringing back haute couture into the game and very avant garde yet elegant designs for the modern women.

I was very pleased with this invitation because I love supporting local designers and even more if we share the same cultural backgrounds.

Sitting on the front row and anxiously waiting to see his collection.... I was amazed by these pieces...They reminded me of the 40's yet very modern with a dash of sexiness. I love the use of color blocks and textures... these pieces had silk... fur and chiffon and the whole look of the models with their hair styles and makeup... it all looked very well combined. I hope to see another collection of his and I also hope I will some day wear one of his dresses

 With much Love

- Nelly

Nov 27, 2011

Make up : Contrast


I hope you're all enjoying this gloomy dark Sunday... Anyhow it's getting cold outside.. thus it's becoming hard to take pictures outside... I have to come up with something... but DO NOT worry genius Nelly will figure it out :)

so I did this makeup... will lots of blue glitter on my eyes and red lip stick... very simple to do...
I love make up because you can either go simple or super crazy... and I find that you can be whoever you's almost like acting out...

so I used Lise Watier make up for my eyes and for my lips I use red Inglot

and obviously the typical... foundation... blush and eye brow master!!!

- Nelly

Nov 23, 2011

Look of the day: Gold Neck

Happy Wednesday... we are in the middle of the week almost halfway towards the weekend!!!

So these pictures were taken this past weekend and they were really unprepared and spontaneous... sometimes pictures that are taken without any precise thought come out being the most fabulous pictures... but not all the time :).... these ones are not that bad...

For that day I did a lot of layering and I felt like wearing a hat...I love this hat not only because it's an Italian vintage hat but also because it's very comfortable and casual.

I also wore of one my most recent purchases which is this beautiful gold necklace...I like that it's simple but it completes an outfit

HAT: Borselino
JACKET: Danier Leather
TOP: Birds of North America
PANTS: Mango
BOOTS: Blondo

Nov 20, 2011

look book: Blue chic

So this is my first LOOK BOOK
basically this consist of a small photo shoot that I do with a close friend, family member or people I know
that have good taste for fashion...(very different from street look which are complete strangers...)

As for my first time I took my cousin...
She was wearing a very nice bleu marine mid length wool trench coat...
it had nice ruffles on the side and she was wearing it simply with a nice pair of leggings and high boots

what I like about this look is that with only one main focal point she created a very nice casual chic look...
I know I repeat myself but I will never get tired of saying that simplicity is hard to obtain but beautiful...

so don't try too hard to be fashionable... because simple is always good

COAT: french connection
BOOTS: lacoste

- Nelly

Nov 14, 2011

Help me!!!

So for the past few days I've been really wanting to buy a pair of Jeffrey Campbell but I have no idea which one to pick!!!
I want something different and very WOW...
so here are some that have caught my eye...

leave a comment and tell me which one of these... or send me a picture of one that you might think will suit me...

1. Dark night
4.(I forgot the name but you can call it the fourth one)



Nov 13, 2011

Look of the day: leaf me up


So this week I wanted to do something with the fall theme OBVIOUSLY!... I wanted lots of leaves and lots of trees...

I love this season because it's cold enough to wear a nice light coat but not too cold for you to freeze your butt out :) I really love layering... I think it's part of the season and the best of it is that you can show it off... versus winter we are all covered underneath our big coats ...

I like to be very simple with what I wear... and always feel comfortable...
I really love this coat because it has a rocker style but it has the softness of genuine leather suede..
so it counter balances :)

Coat: Danier Leather
sweater : GAP
pants: GRG
Boots: Blondo

and this beautiful purse

from  MATT & NAT

Nov 9, 2011

Must Have...Accessories

Well for this month I like to have silver accessories on my outfits.. I find they go well with the weather...for me silver means cold and the way it shines reminds me of the cold snowflakes...

The brush that is shown in the first picture is from a special limited edition brushes at MAC...
They are so nice and easy to use... so go BUY ONE NOW!!!

Brush: MAC
Bracelet: Jacob
lipstick: Inglot
Ring: Aldo
Nail Polis: Revlon

Para esta temporada me encanta ponerme un poco de plateado... porque lo plateado me recuerdo mucho a lo frio de la nieve

La brocha que aparece en la primera foto es de un paquete especial de MAC y es una edicion limitada
asi que vayan a comprar uno!!!

- Nelly

Nov 6, 2011

Look of the day: Faux Fur...

This season FAUX FUR is totally IN...
I love faux fur... because you can look chic without the whole idea of actually torturing and killing animals for their furs...

I always believe in the idea of looking chic without paying the whole price... I think looking elegant shouldn't be draining out your account...I don't believe in the idea of buying designer's clothes to be in fashion...
I bought this piece at Vera Moda and for this type of vest it was very affordable...

Vest: Vera moda
tights: Change
Boots: Aldo
Bracelet: Jacob

- Nelly