Mar 27, 2011

A dress to Sin

Sculptural dress with intricate folds pulled together at waistline. A luxurious dress made of soft Japanese angora wool. I love the mix between sexy and elegant.... this dress is ideal for those long days at work and also to go out at night it's simply lovely

260$ designer Rachel Sin.

Midnight thoughts....

Another day goes by and life goes on....Has it ever happened to you that you feel you're growing at such a fast pace without being able to stop time and look around.... Sometimes I wish I could be a kid again.... I would be able to draw and simply let my creativity loose... I would go to bed without worries and my only duty would be to go to school... But sometimes growing can be painful but it's part of life...

I'm happy with my age.... I'm not a child or an adult I'm just perfectly in between. I fear about growing and putting aside the child in me... I love creativity and I believe that without it this world would be quite boring...

I just hope that seriousness doesn't take over my creativity. Anyways these are part of my train of thoughts at this point of time...

Goodnight... bonne nuit... buenas noches.... buonanotte a domani amici!! :)

Mar 26, 2011

Bright Blue

So I must admit the fact that blogging for men's fashion is not easy... but I'm really trying OK!!! One of my favorite designers or fashion house is Jil Sander. This German fashion house has set fashion standards higher than ever! They are innovative, always bursting with new ideas that blow everyone's mind!!!

For this season Jil Sander is proposing a lot of bright colors and simple lines. These shoes have a very bright blue sole and it gives that surprise effect!!! They have a classy look and I just LOVE them!!! I think even girls could wear a pair of these.... well whoever that can pull these off should wear them!!!

They are called Memphis shoes and they cost over 1000$.... good luck :)

Mar 25, 2011

Miss Lola

Je vous présente Mademoiselle Lola.... She's an adorable young girl ready to be part of your wardrobe and charm everyone at her sight!!! I really like these t-shirts!!! I find they are original and I personally really like her haircut.... it reminds me of  my own haircut.... :)

Lola Paris was born February 11 ..... in PARIS!!! She enjoys eating cake and candies and her lover's name is Johnny Boy !!!

I love the way Lola transforms herself into different characters such as the little french girl or even celebrities such as Lady Gaga!!! If you wish to purchase one of these lovely t-shirts just go on the link below

price range 50$

Mar 24, 2011

Shoe of the day - Void

Try wearing these pair of shoes for spring!!!!!!! I love that void... it simply embodies the entire shoe 

Jeffrey Campbell  - 187$

Hot High Fashion

When I first saw this picture I was speechless...I met this model during Montreal fashion week and let me tell you that he's a charm! His name is Kevin Côté. He has been in several adds and has also been part of several runways. He's a Montreal based model with very nice features and as you may notice he's in really good shape!!!

Model: Kevin from specs

Photographer: Rick day ny

Mar 23, 2011


So it took me quite a bit of time to create and write and this post :) These are simply some suggestions to think about for this upcoming spring!!! Spring reminds of me colors and fresh looking clothes... These are a couple of my little favorites

1.Trousers: American .A around 40$- 60$

2. Long skirt: Forever 21 - 24$

3. Yellow blazer: 77.50$

4. Hat: asos - 34$

5. Cross body purse: -81$

6. Revlon nail polish: 5$ (blue lagoon & yellow)

7. Wedge shoes: 110$ Aldo 

8. Bracelet: 10.80$ forever 21

9. Ring: 8$ Aldo

10. Trench coat: Burberry 1.098$


Mango allows you to vote for the best look ....... within the most renown FASHION BLOGGERS such as chiara from the blonde salad or Andy from stylescrapbook ...

Anyways I already voted for MY favorite blogger.....ANDY!!!!

Vote for yours NOW !!!!;jsessionid=B9333A71D419ACE0704C22ACE1542CDB?state=she_404_IN

Mar 22, 2011


My blog is quite recent and it's slowly starting to gain some popularity... I have some people on twitter... and facebook... Anyhow... some of my friends (guys) have asked me if I will ever do some postings for men's wear. To be honest I'm a bit less confortable reviewing or commenting on fashion for men because I'm not a man! Not only that but as a girl... I understand much better the needs of a girl... but I will TRY!!!!!

But I would trully appreciate some suggestions :)

look of the day??? street look??? brands??? boutiques??? styles???

Red kiss

So for the first time in my life I bought a red lipstick.... I hope it looks good... I find it makes my lips look bigger.... we`ll see what my friends say..... 

Look of the day:Stuttering Studs

Today the sun was out but not for too long :( .... I felt like wearing some wedge booties but not my SUPER HIGH ones... just some small ones to be able to walk to the drug store :) ... Anyways my hair looks... alright... when my hair starts to grow I just get lazy and I end up by doing a small up do... don't worry guys tomorrow I'm getting a hair cut :) 

Black coat : Guess
Scarf: H&M
Shades: Aldo (men)
Hair Band: Jacob
Cross body purse: Aldo
Boots: Aldo
Ring: Forever 21

First Bite

This month I bought Zink magazine and I simply loved this photo shoot. I really like the combination of nature with the beauty of a woman. I really like the effect it creates with the jewelry and the hair. The colors blend very well with the entire setup. I wish I had one of those rings :)

Mar 21, 2011


I totally want one of these!!!!!!!!! They are quite hilarious and will be perfect for a gift!!!! I`m more than sure that your friends will enjoy getting one of these mugs.

Designed by a London based designer called Peter Ibruegger 

Mar 20, 2011

wedge booties

I must say that lately I'm quite obsessed with wedge booties.... I just LOVE THEM!!! I find they are much more comfortable than regular boots with heels. They  are cute and very stylish!!!

Here are a couple of nice wedge booties that are for all budgets!!!

1. Locale : 130$ (trigillo)

2. Michael Kors: -

3. Steven madden: 170$ (annie)

Mar 19, 2011

Chill bags

I really like these bags because they are casual and I think they will look good on those summer days... When the summer comes I like to have my arms free of bags so I normally wear these type of purses.

1.Bike bag : 98$

2.bag: 245$

You can purchase these nice bags at

Spring Swing

Wren's Rad Spring collection has me going CRAZY!!!! I love these outfits!!!! Outstanding patterns with lots of colors!!! AWESOME shoes.... from colorful flats to orange camel pumps!!! Blazers, Dresses, Skirts and shorts!!! and to top off these amazing looks a little coupe melon hat!!! 

Mar 18, 2011

Aldo and High fashion...

So lately I've been a bit busy with some other things... and I haven't been able to blog that much...So I took a good hour and half to prepare this blog... so you BETTER like :) jks... anyways I thought about blogging on some Aldo's shoes.... I've noticed that a couple of Aldo's shoes are inspired and designed according to some high fashion brands... I don't think it's a bad thing... I actually think it's good and it allows people with a lower income to afford a pair of shoes that have a high fashion style... I must say that some of their prices are TOO high and the quality is not THAT amazing... 

1. So for SS/11 Prada brought a very colorful and funky collection. On the right side I'm showing a Prada shoe that has a two layers of colours at the bottom... This design is seen on the left side shoe ... and this shoe is from ALDO !!

2. For SS/11 Gucci brought a very sexy and sophisticated collection. On the left side I'm showing a shoe from Gucci that has a string effect... This effect is seen very clearly on the right side shoe...and guess what it comes from ALDO

3. Wedge booties are very IN for this season... and I think they will be IN for a while... on the left side I'm showing a gorgeous shoe from Acne and for less money you can get a similar one at ALDO!!!

4. Fendi brought some colorful shoes for the SS/11 collection... as you may have notice the left side shoe has a piece between the heel and the front part... This effect is seen on the right side shoe and it's from ALDO!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this blog... I hope you don't think I hate Aldo or that I'm trying to call them copycats or anything in that matter... I think fashion buyers get inspired by something and well it's OUT THERE and I'm happy can be fashionable without being left with nothing in their bank account!!

have good weekend fashionistas!!!

Mar 16, 2011

I'm in Love

WoW... I'm simply IN LOVE with these necklaces!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love those pictures and the bows with the little details... I love the first one with the cake and the fork!!!!! I would buy them ALLLLLLLL ...

you can purchase one of these little treasure here at

most of them cost around 69$ - 71$ (they are worth the price)

Mar 15, 2011


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high fashion goes vintage

While watching Lanvin's 2011-2012 autumn/winter collection at Paris Fashion week... the first thing that caught my eyes were the bags... These bags remind me of the ones I had seen with my friend in a vintage store here in Montreal.... I really like these bags...they have a good size... nice colors and they are very simple... You might find a similar one in a vintage store called cul- de -sac on st -laurent street!!!

Mar 14, 2011

Comes out of the Rain

These rain boots are designed so when you walk into a puddle you can measure the amount of water you've stepped into... As you may see they come in different colors and in my opinion they have a funky style that I really like!!!!

Pick ME

I wish I had these shoes!!!! I must say this is a COMPLETE shoe collection.... it includes... flats... pumps... ankle booties... wedge booties ... sandals.... and boots!!!!  :) I LOVE SHOESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

They reflect  STYLE.... PERSONALITY .... = YOU

Trench me

So this is my review concerning some trench coats that caught my eye... when I think about trench coats the first thing that comes to mind is Burberry...

I selected two trench coats from Burberry the first one is not the traditional trench coat and I really like the fact that it's DIFFERENT!!! As for the second one ... I picked something more colorful... I think for spring it's never bad to throw in some color and let yourself a bit loose.

The third trench coat is from Mango and I really like it because it's short and also I really like the placement of the buttons.

The fourth one is the conventional trench coat... nothing really special but it does the trick and it's much less expensive compared to a Burberry coat....

The last one is from the summer/spring collection 2011 of Soia Kyo.... I had the chance to see this collection during Montreal fashion week SS11 and I really like the use of zipper on the side.. it has a urban touch

1. Burberry: 1,550$  (you may purchase this coat on their website)
2. Purple Burberry: 1,050$
3. Mango: 140$ (online or at the store)
4. Zara trench coat with lapels: 139$ (online or at the store)
5. Soia Kyo: 398$  (online or at retails such as toxic... blue marine...)

sexy summer

I must say that so far this is the sexiest bikini I've seen for this season,...I find it really works for those girls that have a petite chest and I just love the strappy effect!!!!! I think I should get it for myself :)

strappy bikini : 78$ ( in total)

Mar 12, 2011

Spring Wind

So in my previous post I talked about my best friend's outfit and here in the first picture it's her with the coat off and showing her AWESOME necklace!!!! I simply adore her necklace, it has a bit of tribal style with the beads and the colors... and well My best friend took a picture of me in what I call A FLAT BLACK,.... it's good for the winter but quite boring after a couple of months.... just very simple but quite stylish :)

Necklace: Olivia studio
My coat: Jacob
Boots: Blondo
Purse : Matt & Nat
Scarf: Aldo