Aldo and High fashion...

So lately I've been a bit busy with some other things... and I haven't been able to blog that much...So I took a good hour and half to prepare this blog... so you BETTER like :) jks... anyways I thought about blogging on some Aldo's shoes.... I've noticed that a couple of Aldo's shoes are inspired and designed according to some high fashion brands... I don't think it's a bad thing... I actually think it's good and it allows people with a lower income to afford a pair of shoes that have a high fashion style... I must say that some of their prices are TOO high and the quality is not THAT amazing... 

1. So for SS/11 Prada brought a very colorful and funky collection. On the right side I'm showing a Prada shoe that has a two layers of colours at the bottom... This design is seen on the left side shoe ... and this shoe is from ALDO !!

2. For SS/11 Gucci brought a very sexy and sophisticated collection. On the left side I'm showing a shoe from Gucci that has a string effect... This effect is seen very clearly on the right side shoe...and guess what it comes from ALDO

3. Wedge booties are very IN for this season... and I think they will be IN for a while... on the left side I'm showing a gorgeous shoe from Acne and for less money you can get a similar one at ALDO!!!

4. Fendi brought some colorful shoes for the SS/11 collection... as you may have notice the left side shoe has a piece between the heel and the front part... This effect is seen on the right side shoe and it's from ALDO!!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed this blog... I hope you don't think I hate Aldo or that I'm trying to call them copycats or anything in that matter... I think fashion buyers get inspired by something and well it's OUT THERE and I'm happy can be fashionable without being left with nothing in their bank account!!

have good weekend fashionistas!!!