Bright Blue

So I must admit the fact that blogging for men's fashion is not easy... but I'm really trying OK!!! One of my favorite designers or fashion house is Jil Sander. This German fashion house has set fashion standards higher than ever! They are innovative, always bursting with new ideas that blow everyone's mind!!!

For this season Jil Sander is proposing a lot of bright colors and simple lines. These shoes have a very bright blue sole and it gives that surprise effect!!! They have a classy look and I just LOVE them!!! I think even girls could wear a pair of these.... well whoever that can pull these off should wear them!!!

They are called Memphis shoes and they cost over 1000$.... good luck :)


  1. I like it!!! I wonder what kind of outfit would go well with shoes like that.

  2. Merci de ta venue sur mon blog !!!

    jadore toujours autant le tiens et putain ces shoes sont géniallll!!!!


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