Spring Wind

So in my previous post I talked about my best friend's outfit and here in the first picture it's her with the coat off and showing her AWESOME necklace!!!! I simply adore her necklace, it has a bit of tribal style with the beads and the colors... and well My best friend took a picture of me in what I call A FLAT BLACK,.... it's good for the winter but quite boring after a couple of months.... just very simple but quite stylish :)

Necklace: Olivia studio
My coat: Jacob
Boots: Blondo
Purse : Matt & Nat
Scarf: Aldo


  1. Flat Black FTW! I like the vest she's wearing, too bad the coat is in the way cant see the purse.

  2. On doit s'acheter des billes et faire nos propres design de collier Amérindien/tribal


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