Vintage Shopping

So I had already published a small blog on vintage shopping in my old blog but since that one is deleted... no one will see it now... anyways at the beginning I wasn't really into this whole vintage shopping thing... I've always liked brand NEW clothes.... but after visiting some vintage stores in Montreal... I actually like it!!! I think you need to have some patience and A LOT of time to go vintage shopping. You first need to be opened to ANYTHING... so get ready to go into some stores that might have a "granny:" smell but you'll see that you will find  a garment that will suit your personality and that NO ONE else will have!!

These are some of the things you need to consider when you will purchase a vintage garment:

- Is it in good conditions (check the color, the fabric, check for scratches etc...)

- Is it Worth the price ( if it's expensive check if it has it's original label and check if it's a unique piece or can you buy a similar one in another store??)

Try to keep these two things in mind when you go vintage shopping!!!!