Apr 29, 2011

Royal Love

So I woke up before 6 am to watch this beautiful wedding :) I was ready and excited to witness those extravagant hats and the lovely royal wedding...
As you can see Victoria and David came early to the wedding ceremony and they looked FABULOUS
Even pregnant she looks sexy!!! with a boat neck mid length bleu marine dress and very high pumps she made her presence out stand. Wearing une longue queue de cheval (extensions) and her adorable hat she made the list of the best dressed no wonder she's a designer!!!

The cousins of Prince William ( princesses Beatrice and Eugenie) had some of the most extravagant hats... designer by renown British designer Philip Tracey... I really liked them... the only thing were their dresses... 

here we see from left to right Kate's mother in the middle Queen Elizabeth II and on the right Camila...

The best dressed of all three I would have to say the QUEEN!!! lovely yellow toned dressed... good length and to complete the outfit an adorable yellow hat

I didn't know that everyone was still wondering who was the designer of Kate's dress... I always thought it was Sarah Burton and I thought that everyone knew but I guess I was the only one to know that before hand... Even after this picture people still were not sure if that was her... I mean it's quite clear it's her...

Head designer of Alexander McQueen's brand.... this designer has been able to continue his legacy

An FINALLY here's the dress!!!!

Very simple and elegant. Some people had mentioned that her dressed looked similar to Grace Kelly's wedding gown but I don't think so.. I think this dress has Kate written all over. With a tale 5 meter shorter than Lady D's dress ... this dress was simply beautiful. In the bottom  part of the dress Sarah incorporated different flowers representing some of England's lands... Wearing a crown given to her by Queen Elizabeth II and earrings given by her parents this bride was ready to become part of the Royal family.

The only thing I would have liked to seen er with... was with an updo... I think it would have looked much better and much more royal...

Apr 28, 2011

Re Create look

So I like this outfit but I find the dress is a bit too short,... I tried something a bit more neutral more on the white side than the pinkish tone...

So this is a dress from American Apparel and it's at 35$

These accessories are from XXI and the ring is 5.80$ and the bracelet 6.80 $

For the handbag I wanted something bohemian so this bag is from Aldo and it's at 45$ the necklace is from XXI and it's at 7.80$

I left the shoes for last because they are my favorite part of an outfit!!!!! I picked these and I simply adore them I think I'll buy them very soon... they are Dolce Vita shoes and they cost around 120$ :)

So this is my re creation of this outfit the total cost would be around 220$ not bad... less than 300$ and girls invest in shoes they are worth don't buy those cheap shoes that hurt you feet and make them smelly ... no no INVEST really it's worth in the long run!!!

Apr 27, 2011

Lola Love

So The next morning I came back from New York I received something super nice in my mail :) MADEMOISELLE LOLA PARIS was in the house!!! She traveled from L.A to Montreal and as you can see she rocks this place!!! I love this t-shirt it's so beautiful!!!

some of my friend's have told me that she looks like me.... maybe that's why she won my heart

This young girl will go far in life she's adventurous and versatile!!! if you would like to have Lola Paris in your house just visit this website and make it possible

you can find her on facebook add her as your friend :)


coat: esprit
trousers: h&m
t-shirt : Lola Paris
Watch: Casio
Rings: swatch and forever 21

Watch me

hello hello....

Well during my trip to New York I bought myself a watch because the other one I had... broke... :(
anyways I always buy watches in New York... so this is a Casio Model Gold color and electronic...
I LOVE IT :) it's exactly what I was looking for...
I didn't want something big or like the rest of the people that have Michael Kors... they're nice but I find everyone has one... This Model is not easy to find...I find ...lol

Anyways it's nice just keep the handbook with you because last night it woke me up at 1 am .... with that annoying alarm sound...

Apr 26, 2011



store ...:)

Matt and Nat purse

foot locker :)

The Big Apple


On our way there... rain and snow... and road ...road

First night ... TIME SQUARE! :)

I almost bought this outfit... not true :) Disney store!!!

I look dead tired... M&M store :)



They had some hippie style...

I love this building  :)

So I just came back from NYC and I'm quite exhausted but very happy to have spent my weekend in this amazing city. I took some pictures but didn't take pictures of people's outfit because everywhere I went it was packed!!!!!!!! anyways I shopped but not much... trust me :)

M&M store outfit:
coat: esprit
boots: blondo
scarf: DIY

Canal street outfit:

hat: canal street
cardigan: olivia boutique
t shirt: zara

Apr 22, 2011


In less than 24 hrs I'll be walking around New York city!!!!Although I've been to New york over 10 times I still get excited to walk in that city!!!

These are some of the things that come to mind when I think of New York... first well you never sleep!!!I believe no one does in that city!!!
Breakfast at Tiffany's!!! Who can miss that!!!
Obviously with New York comes a lot of shopping!!! you must hit Canal street!!!

and well if u have a good wallet well what about fifth avenue!!! I can only walk around those boutiques!!! way too much money!!!

Apr 20, 2011

Candy Lips

I wanted to do something fun and sweet :)
This look is easy to do and quite fun!!! Basically let your imagination loose 

Apr 15, 2011

Spring rings and more

For this summer rings and bracelets will be your best friends!!! They will make your outfits bloom and simply brings some color and volume to your looks!!!

 Here I've picked some options that will give the same effect without hurting your pocket...
from left to right: aldo (18$), XXI (16$) and Mango (44$)

big bracelets will do the trick!

Rings have become MY best friends!!! I just love the way they change the look of your hands!!!
Lately I like the ones that have an animal shape and that have lots of colors!!!

from left to right : Aldo (9.95$), Mango (29$), Aldo (14$)

My most expensive ring is from swatch sometimes it's good to invest in a good ring because these ones sometimes rust or make your finger turn blue.. or green.. and it looks ugly...

anyways have FUN for this summer!!! make yourself look beautiful!!!!