DIY - Fashion Frame

So believe it or not I created this with labels that I've been putting on the side from my favorite stores!!!

It took me a while to accumulated these labels because I'm quite picky with clothes and the labels that I was keeping....

For this DIY fashion frame I used :

  1. Regular picture frame
  2. Hot glue
  3. LABELS!!!!
  4. oh and a pair of scissors
I first drew the windows of my frame since mine had different sizes and I then started to cut the labels so they could fit... and Then I simply used my magic glue to do the trick!!! and VOILA!!!! a nice way to recycle your labels and decor your fabulous room!!!!

Labels: Esprit, Guess, Browns, Preloved, Birds of America, Jacob, Nu, Betsey Johnson, Zara, Matt & Nat and Only.


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