DIY- One loop scarf

To start off just take a scarf that you want modify... :)

You lay out the scarf nicely not like mine lol and you cut the edges....

You then fold it to the middle in order to stitch both sides together and create the loop

use pins to help yourself... I also use this ruler to make the stitch a bit even...

and you sew!!! I used stretch stitch for this scraf...

I then did an over lock to finish the stitch... this is optional.... because it won't be quite visible

and VOILA!!! regular way to use the one loop scarf

Urban way... on those rainy days....

final size!!! I hope you liked it and TRY IT!!! it's easy trust me I'm a beginner at this sewing thing...

I decided to try this one loop scarf because I find that they are quite expensive at a store and I thought well they're not very hard to make... so I tried it!!!

You need:

  1. Scissors
  2. Pins
  3. ruler
  4. sewing machine


  1. T'es trop belle et cette idée de remasteriser ton echarpe, j'adooooore!!!!

  2. Merci beaucoup!!! en passant j'aime trop tes dessins!!!


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