DIY - Printed t-shirt

So after a long time of telling myself I would create my own t-shirt... it actually happened... after researching how to do this I went through a lot of youtube videos and tutorials... and I finally DID IT!!!

So here is what I used for this t-shirt:

  • A white 100% cotton t-shirt
  • Fabric transfer paper (omer de serres)
  • Ironing machine
  • A piece of wood
  • An old t shirt or towel can be used
  • scissors or xacto knife
  • and obviously a printer (ink jet because it doesn't work on laser printer)
I first took all the paper out of the printer and placed my sheet and I simply printed the image I wanted keep in mind that the white on the sheet will transfer onto the fabric so if your t-shirt isn't white make sure to cut out the places that the shirt color will be shown... I then emptied all the water from the ironing machine and I then set it to the highest temperature. I placed a piece of flat wood covered with an old t-shirt under the fabric and I then placed my printed image and I pressured with the ironing machine and that was it!!!!!!

First picture:

Sunglasses: vintage
hoody: GAP
t-shirt : DIY fashionaccro

second and third picture:

jacket: ONLY
sunglasses: Aldo