Spring rings and more

For this summer rings and bracelets will be your best friends!!! They will make your outfits bloom and simply brings some color and volume to your looks!!!

 Here I've picked some options that will give the same effect without hurting your pocket...
from left to right: aldo (18$), XXI (16$) and Mango (44$)

big bracelets will do the trick!

Rings have become MY best friends!!! I just love the way they change the look of your hands!!!
Lately I like the ones that have an animal shape and that have lots of colors!!!

from left to right : Aldo (9.95$), Mango (29$), Aldo (14$)

My most expensive ring is from swatch sometimes it's good to invest in a good ring because these ones sometimes rust or make your finger turn blue.. or green.. and it looks ugly...

anyways have FUN for this summer!!! make yourself look beautiful!!!!