Your Style

Today I had a relaxing day... woke up late... had nutella for breakfast... checked out my e-mails... shower and just see what my day would lead me to... I went out and had ice cream and walked around the park with a friend ... We were talking about style and it made me realise so many things...

Sometimes people ask me where the hell I get so many ideas or how do I get inspired... I would say 90% of the time I get inspired by people... simply by observing their behaviours and the way they look at each other, the way they walk, the way they laugh...

and I also pay attention to their style... I feel that sometimes people try too hard to create a style or follow a trend... I think that you should never try to follow a trend or wear what's IN you should always be yourself
never try to accessorize yourself too much... just be simple and it will beautiful :)

Personally I don't have a specific style... I like to be simple but once in a while I like to be glamorous and shine!!! I always wear the first thing that I find in my closet :)


  1. a beautiful and creative open mind with a fearless imagination. Thats your deadly combination fueling this blog!


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