May 28, 2011

Summer Wedges 2.0

So since I'm really obsessed with wedges I decided to buy wedge sandals :) I truly believe that this summer EVERY GIRL MUST HAVE SANDALS WITH HEELS!!!! no more gladiator sandals.... PLEASE!!!

I think girls need to look tall and for those that are short like me... really need a pair of sandals with heels :)

sandals : Locale (made in portugal)

fuzzy... furry or velvet???

So this week I attended the Industrial design vernissage at Dawson College I was curious to see what these graduates had been literally up to and I also wanted to see some friends :)
I got the chance to see a good friend there and as always
she has an outstanding taste for fashion I wanted to take a picture
of her outfit but she was too shy :)

At least she allowed me to take pictures of her purse and her shoes :)

I love her purse!!! the color is fabulous and the texture combines really well with her shoes without the use of the same color!!! We have the tendency of matching our purse with the shoes but let me tell you
that is not IN anymore...

creating contrast with textures and colors are REALLY IN :)

May 26, 2011

We are Handsome

Australian swimwear this collection called memoir is bringing back some old school fashion with the zippers... the styles and more than obvious the patterns.. this new collection includes these swim suits but also some tops and leggings...

Quite refreshing as a collection isn't it

May 23, 2011

Royal Wedding...Cinderella

During the entire ceremony I kept telling my parents that this wedding reminded me of something... But I just didn't know what exactly it was...
I truly look like fairy tale and it was a stunning wedding...

When I saw this picture at work I was surprised and everything made sense now...

It's really funny!!!!!! instead of the step sisters here were the cousins...

Designers can draw

Personally I think that all designers have the capability to draw... weather it looks nice or not I think we all have the ability to put our thoughts on paper... I would say 80 to 90 % of designers will put their first idea on paper... I'm someone that even with a computer in front of me... I like to shape my concepts on paper... Anyways I was fascinated when I saw these sketches I love to see sketches from fashion designers... especially SHOE DESIGNERS!!!!!!

Georgina Goodman

Nicholas Kilkwood

I just LOVE these sketches!!! I love the shading... the colors and more so the concepts!!!

I hope I'll be able to draw like this one day!! 

May 22, 2011

Look of the day:Summer breeze

So yesterday was the first real day of the summer.. unfortunately today it seems like the sun is not out ...Oh well... At least I had my share of fun yesterday... lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal...Mesa 14... out in the terrace and with my friend we were already planning our shopping tour :) I wanted some sandals and she simply wanted to shop more .. as always :)

My friend and her mojitoooooo ... I love the contrast with her fabulous nail polish!!!

My first Sangria of the summer

Getting some sun :)

After my day in downtown... shopping and eating, drinking... I went out for a walk with a friend and obviously some ice cream...

Hat: NYC
Blazer: Urban outfitter
top: XXI
pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Flats: Steve Madden
Purse: Matt & Nat
Watch: Casio
Ring: Swatch 

May 14, 2011

Spring Vogue

Anja Rubik (model)

Vogue - Paris - April 2011

I love Vogue Paris because I adore the combination they create between fashion and photography!!!
This summer the bohemian look is very IN!!! A clear example of this is Roberto Cavalli's S/S 011 collection!!!
The color White is very IN as well!!! I guess just let yourself look natural and combine some earth tones with white will really make your skin look tanner and glowing.

And girls!!!!! please no EYE SHADOWS for the summer unless it's some Bright colors!!! just mascara and some eye liner with a bronzer instead of liquid foundation which will block the sun and leave your face white while the rest of your body is tanned... :)

May 10, 2011

fish ring

Lately I'm really obsessed with rings!!! I find that they complete your look and they are generally small....

I just LOVE this one... too bad it's sold out... I love the way the fish swirls around your finger... I really love bringing nature to fashion...

and this fish is just adorable!!!
I love the colors and the eyes are so cute!!This ring has a cost of 106$

I would buy it if it was still available :(

May 8, 2011

Spring street looks

So after a long cold winter... I decided to go chase some people down the streets... I've finally launched my street looks :) and with the help of my good friend and photographer Aurélie we finally took some pictures out on the street!!!

While walking around St- Catherine street and just looking for stylish people... we found Kaitlyn around Place Des Arts... This girl from Vancouver has a lot of style... it's simple but rich in textures, volumes and patterns!!! I just loved the simplicity in her look yet her raspberry colored lips pop out and complete her look. This is a very urban yet simple look!!!

Shorts: Value Village
t-shirt: American Apparel
vest: Shop in Vancouver
lipstick: MAC

As always Aurélie which is our photographer is full of style. She defines her style with her great personality and character. She enjoys combining different styles, patterns and colors and her eccentric haircut completes her look. She has some vintage style combined with a bit of rock and classy.

blazer: value village
skirt: XXI
top: Winners
Scarf: D-TOX
Boots: value village
tights: urban outfitter
purse: value village  

so that was me... in the "interview" and professional look... so as always I use a lot of dark colors... which hopefully will change once the summer is here :) I guess this look is appropriate when you have an interview or for work...

trench coat: ESPRIT
top: simons
belt: H&M
dress pants: H&M

Photographer: Aurélie Gagnon

Re Create look 2

So to recreate this look I've chosen a white blazer from H&M conscious collection! I really like this blazer because it reminds me of Dolce&Gabbana S/S 011 collection which I love!! 60$ 

For the top something basic just to create the contrast with the white ..XXI 5.50$

For the shorts I went with something denim and a bit shorter and with a pink washed color... XXI 12.50$

4. Aldo 40$ ... I like the heel and the nude color
 5 and 7 are the same sorry ... revlon yellow color
6. aldo 15$
8. XXI hat 7.50$

so enjoy :) less than 150$

May 5, 2011

Spring Burberry

If you adore burberry ... I think you will fall in love with these sunglasses... They are colorful and big!!! They are perfect for the summer!!! you can fold them and bring them anywhere you want!!! I love the colors!!!

These sunglasses cost around 200 euros...

Spring upon a city

Spring Upon A City - Skinny Vinny - Spring/Summer Lookbook from Satan's Pearl Horses on Vimeo.

I just love this video... perfectly combines a love story with fashion!!! :)

May 3, 2011

Look for less

Alessandra Ambrosio one of the most outstanding models in the industry... her look could cost up to
1,200$... and you can have this look for less!!! I picked this look because it's fresh and chill for those sunny mornings in the summer

For the shorts something basic will do the same effect but please don't show your butt cheeks it's not nice.. unless you're actually going to the beach... shorts: Zara 59.90$

For the top I chose something a bit shorter and a bit less tight Top: XXI : 15.85$

For the purse something beige or nude color a bit linear bag and very simple will do the trick

bag: Aldo :45$

For the sunglasses I picked something different... you can find these ones at little burgundy for 12$

For the flat sandals I went for something along the same lines... same fabric type... cognac suede... sandals: H&M 29$


WOW you have saved a lot of money!!!

Blog's life

Today I spent my entire morning fixing this blog... it's still not where I would like it to be but I'm slowly progressing...

At first I though blogging was easy.. but it's not... I constantly have to find new garments and stay updated with the latest news here and around the world... it takes time and a lot of work... people expect to have thousands of followers after a month but that won't happen unless you put a lot of time and effort to your blog... you have to connect with other bloggers get involved in other networks like twitter... lookbook and much more... you have to take pictures of your looks or people's look...

anyways I felt like sharing a bit of the work that bloggers do in order to build a strong blog...

May 1, 2011

Blaze up

Lately I have a complete obsession for blazers and trench coats... and when I saw this I was amazed!!! it's like having both a blazer and a trench coat all in ONE!!! I love the cut and the detail on the shoulders...I love the fact of ultra bigger sleeves which give a boyish sloppy look... For spring it's super nice to have one of these...

so you can purchase one at acrimony online for 200$

Look book: fresh spring

So Yesterday was really sunny outside and I felt it was the right moment to start getting my look of the days going on... So Here we have a fresh look for the spring... simple bleu marine skinny pants with zippers on the side and a striped top with collar.

With some silver bracelets and a silver necklace to bring out the colors of the pants and her top and to complete her look she chose a black small mid size cross body bag

This look is ideal for those breezy sunny days and also those summer nights in downtown... These pants keep you warm and keep you stylish...She completed this look with a caramel brown belt to give some structure to the shape.

This look is very easy and simple to recreate

Top: Tommy Hilfiger
Pants: MANGO
shoes: Michael Kors
Bracelets and necklace: Tiffany & Co
Cross body bag: MATT & NAT
belt: ONLY