Spring street looks

So after a long cold winter... I decided to go chase some people down the streets... I've finally launched my street looks :) and with the help of my good friend and photographer Aurélie we finally took some pictures out on the street!!!

While walking around St- Catherine street and just looking for stylish people... we found Kaitlyn around Place Des Arts... This girl from Vancouver has a lot of style... it's simple but rich in textures, volumes and patterns!!! I just loved the simplicity in her look yet her raspberry colored lips pop out and complete her look. This is a very urban yet simple look!!!

Shorts: Value Village
t-shirt: American Apparel
vest: Shop in Vancouver
lipstick: MAC

As always Aurélie which is our photographer is full of style. She defines her style with her great personality and character. She enjoys combining different styles, patterns and colors and her eccentric haircut completes her look. She has some vintage style combined with a bit of rock and classy.

blazer: value village
skirt: XXI
top: Winners
Scarf: D-TOX
Boots: value village
tights: urban outfitter
purse: value village  

so that was me... in the "interview" and professional look... so as always I use a lot of dark colors... which hopefully will change once the summer is here :) I guess this look is appropriate when you have an interview or for work...

trench coat: ESPRIT
top: simons
belt: H&M
dress pants: H&M

Photographer: Aurélie Gagnon