Look Book: Blaze me

The last few years blazers have taken a lot of power in the fashion industry and now more than ever fashion designers have integrated blazers in their collections... We can now find blazers in a variety of colors, shapes and textures... with studs or padded shoulders...

I believe there's a blazer for every girl... in my case I love them all... Here is my friend... showing two of her fabulous blazers... one white and the other one red... I love the way blazers fit nicely with almost anything
with jeans, leggings or trousers...

for this season strong primary colors will make your outfits look amazingly trendy.

White blazer: Zara
White scalloped tank: Mango in Valencia
Jeans: Zara in Florence
Gold hoop earrings: H&M
Gold leaf necklace: Aldo

Red blazer: H&M
White scalloped tank: Mango in Valencia
Gold leaf necklace: Aldo
Black jeans: Jacob
Faux snakeskin bracelets : H&M in Florence
Plastic royal blue bow cuff: small shop in Palermo
Rings: Forever 21
Vintage handbag: Paris flea market (les Puces de Vanves)
Nude heels: Aldo (with DIY black flower appliqué) ( I will show it next time :)

Bisous les amis