Sep 30, 2011

Audrey Hepburn

I love Audrey Hepburn

She was a model ... an actress... a mother... a fashion setter... a leader for the little ones without a voice...

I just love her beauty and her lightness taken in every picture...

these are some of the best pictures that I took out of a photography book called

"Audrey 100"

A compilation of pictures selected by her son

the second picture was taken by me... this a frame of her that I keep in my room


Sep 23, 2011

Look of the day:Friday tea cup

I love Fridays....Not only because it's the last day of week but also because I can finally breathe and simply sit on my couch and enjoy my cup of tea :)
This small unprepared photo shoot was at my friend's house and I didn't really plan out my outfit...

Anyways I hope you all enjoy your weekend and I will prepare my lady gaga special!!!

au revoir


top: XXI
hair band: Jacob

- Nelly

Sep 18, 2011

Look of the day: Fall on me

Hey guys!!!
I hope your weekend was great but unfortunately everything comes to an end...

anyways for this look I wanted something fresh... something between summer and fall.... With some black jeans and a mustard yellow vest
I also wore my official fall boots which are fabulous...
I love the rusty light brown look and they are easy to wear. Enjoy Fall... don't worry guys winter hasn't arrived yet no snow yet so still enjoy those sunny days

Vest: Mango
Top: (small shop in les cours mont royal)
pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Boots: Hibou (made in Italy collection)

Sep 16, 2011

Make up : Blue moon

For this make up I wanted to create something in which the eyes would be the focal point
and just let the face be frame of the eyes...

I chose just light foundation with some blush on the bone cheeks to give the face a more structural look but not too dramatic...

I'm truly attracted by beautiful eyes I believe they are the window to your soul
I love the way they can express many things and with a few glances you can find the truth within someone...

Make up
eyes: -black : studio eyeliner (all over)
mascara: falsies MNY
foundation: Vichy
Lips: Mac (neutral lipgloss)
cheeks: lise watier

Sep 13, 2011

Look of the Day: Black Beauty

Hey happy tuesday :)

I felt like wearing something black ... Most of my friends tell me I wear a lot of Black... and without noticing it... I do...
But this time I purposely decided to wear everything black from head to toe..

I wanted to put a bit color into my outfit with my accessories...
and as for make up I went with something simple...But do not worry I will force myself to wear more colors!!! Because there's more to fashion than black...

Jacket: Danier Leather
Top: XXI
Pants: Tommy Hilfiger
Boots: Dolce Vita
Accessories: Mango/Olivia Boutique/Urban Outfitters/H&M/ Colombian Earrings
Watch: Casio (NYC)


Sep 11, 2011

La Mode au bout du crayon

I loved looking at some of the sketches of the fashion week runways 
I love seeing something going from paper to reality although... if I'm not wrong these sketches were not produced by the designers I really love the essence they had..

you can notice some designs from Samuel Dong... Martin Lim and Dimitri Chris...


Sep 9, 2011

SMM 2011-2012

I always enjoy Montreal's fashion week but unfortunately I can't attend all the runways since I'm very new to this blogging world... but fortunately I was able to reserve two spots for Anomal Couture and I was tremendously happy because my sister and I had met her for the last fashion week since we were volunteers and she remembered having my sister in the showroom :)

Anomal Couture presented a very edgy, structural and elegant women... It had some oriental accents and the colours were very dark and pure... I love the way she likes to project a woman's body... Her designs are opened sexy but elegant and I truly love that...

I also love her as a designer... Sonia Leclair is always smiling and she's very down to earth... she will talk to everyone and she differs herself from other snobby bobble head designers...

I really appreciate her work and personality


Sep 2, 2011


Hey... you

So I hope you are all excited for the long weekend ahead of us :)
So I've been wanting for a while now to take some shots of my accessories... I've been able to gather a good amount of accessories along the years... and here are some of the current ones that I use...

Some of my accessories are from vintage shops... H&M... from my trips to New York....
Mango... XXI...and of course gifts ...

here are some of my favorite rings.... I love rings they truly put some color on your outfits without too much glam...

Have a fabulous Weekend and next week... is FASHION WEEK