Daphne Guinness - Fashion Icon

( at the exhibition in NYC)

British aristocrat ... fashion collector and fashion icon ....A mothe and obivously a Muse

She has been able to capture the attention of all haute couture fashion designers such as Valentino and has an outstanding wardrobe... she has also collaborated with a couple fashion houses such as Comme des Garçons....

Daphnee has numerous outfits which include haute couture garments and some unique pieces such as armour fashion...

She considers fashion as a true art and as a collector she feels ultimately special to have these unique pieces in her life...

I had the chance to see her exhibition in New York City in the fashion institute of technology museum and it was truly beautiful...I was expecting very crazy pieces but it wasn’t.... the exhibition was divided in different areas that Daphne considers very important in the composition of the perfect wardrobe ( such as elegant... sparckly.. etc). Unfortunately I was not allowed to take any pictures.. it was quite upsetting but it’s definitely something to be see

- Nelly


  1. Bel article! Je l'aime bien: elle a l'air d'une vieille folle, j'aime ça.


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