Dec 11, 2011

Shoes and Men... (3)

so today is the last day of the weekend... and tomorrow the routine is back... for the most part of us...

anyways these are my sister's shoes... well one of the so many pairs she has...

These are one of her most recent purchases and they were quite pricy but totally worth it...

I present to you made in Spain Stuart Weitzman shoes....

Anyways I hope I will soon be able to buy myself a pair of these...Well in this post I will not only talk about shoes but also about men...

This is my third post on this subject and honestly I could go on and on about it...

I truly believe in the idea that a good pair of shoes must be an invest because if they make you feel comfortable and confident about yourself they will boost your self esteem.... and to me that is priceless... and I think a good man will do the same... he will make you feel beautiful but also support you in every aspect of your life...

Lately I've been wanting to date and hopefully meet a good mate but I just run out of time and when I do have time... I'm scared to be wasting my time... and same goes for shoes... lately I have such a hard time finding a nice pair of shoes that are worth their value and I've been getting so frustrated that I feel I'm wasting my time....My friends tell me it will come naturally... I wonder for which one though... lol

anyways to me shoes and men have a correlation

and I hope things will change :) for better...

Nelly ♥

Dec 10, 2011

Make up: Magical

So the weekend has started and I'm thrilled that for two days I will be resting and simply enjoying my bed :)  and also because I have an amazing party that I will be attending this evening...

Anyways last night I felt like playing with my make up and that's how these pictures were taken...

I've always wanted to try to recreate Chicmuse's (very popular fashion blogger) make up... She wears a lot of eye liner which covers most of her eyes... So I recreated her make up but I also added some sparkles

I never get tired of saying that I love to play with Makeup.. I don't see myself walking around the streets of Montreal with this kind of makeup but it's nice to play with makeup and just give it a try...

Just make sure you take it off before you hit the road

Have a nice weekend

♥ Nelly

Dec 5, 2011

look of the day: River Creature


So it's Monday again... and another week has started... but I rather think I only four more days till the weekend comes back :)

So we were lucky to have had a sunny weekend and I was able to take some nice pictures... some of you might be thinking " where the hell is her coat "... well I had one but I took it off for the pictures... I was literally freezing but it was all worth it...

For this photo shoot I wore one of my most recent purchases which is the snake blazer... which I adore!!!
it goes well with a pair of jeans or with a nice skirt for something more formal

and the yellow purse with the fish necklace really completes the whole look... I often wear a lot of black or grey but I really like wearing some colorful accessories to pop out the look

Blazer: Vero Moda
Top: XXI
Pants: Mango
Necklace: XXI
Handbag: MATT & NAT

- Nelly

Dec 3, 2011

Fashion Night: Aragon Couture

Hello :)

So this past week I was cordially invited by a delightful Montreal designer named Eric Aragon ( founder & Head Designer of  Aragon Couture) to Equiterre Fashion Night. With over 5 years in the fashion industry he has been to out stand himself from the Montreal designers. Bringing back haute couture into the game and very avant garde yet elegant designs for the modern women.

I was very pleased with this invitation because I love supporting local designers and even more if we share the same cultural backgrounds.

Sitting on the front row and anxiously waiting to see his collection.... I was amazed by these pieces...They reminded me of the 40's yet very modern with a dash of sexiness. I love the use of color blocks and textures... these pieces had silk... fur and chiffon and the whole look of the models with their hair styles and makeup... it all looked very well combined. I hope to see another collection of his and I also hope I will some day wear one of his dresses

 With much Love

- Nelly