Dec 10, 2011

Make up: Magical

So the weekend has started and I'm thrilled that for two days I will be resting and simply enjoying my bed :)  and also because I have an amazing party that I will be attending this evening...

Anyways last night I felt like playing with my make up and that's how these pictures were taken...

I've always wanted to try to recreate Chicmuse's (very popular fashion blogger) make up... She wears a lot of eye liner which covers most of her eyes... So I recreated her make up but I also added some sparkles

I never get tired of saying that I love to play with Makeup.. I don't see myself walking around the streets of Montreal with this kind of makeup but it's nice to play with makeup and just give it a try...

Just make sure you take it off before you hit the road

Have a nice weekend

♥ Nelly

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