Jan 26, 2012

illustration: Robyn Chalmers

So I've decided to start an illustration section... because sometimes it's hard to post pictures of my looks especially now because it's winter.. so I said to myself  "why not sketch out my inspirations" !!!

And to open up this section my muse was Robyn Chalmers.( fashionista 514) 
make up artist... designer... blogger... There are so many ways to define
this beautiful lady.

In my opinion she's a chameleon girl.. because whatever she wears... and whatever she does with her hair...
she always looks stunning.

She has really brought Montreal fashion to another platform...with her freshness and down to earth
personality she has been able to create her own path in this industry.

From a personal perspective I find she's very close to the public and I was really happy to have met her last year in Montreal fashion week.

Much love

Jan 22, 2012

Life: Igloofest Montreal

Last night I attended Igloofest and I had an amazing night!!! My feet might have been frozen but it was worth
the FUN :)

The whole vibe was awesome and jumping in the middle of so many people in the cold
could keep me warm!!!

I also was amazed at seeing so many cool one piece suits but the ones that really caught my eyes were these girls in their fur coat!!!

I really love their outfits because they did stand out of the one piece fluorescent suits....
In my opinion they had the most original idea of all!!!

Hier soir j'ai assisté à igloofest et j'ai eu une soirée incroyable!! Mes pieds ont failli rester gelés
mais ça valait la peine!!

L'ambiance était géniale et sauter au milieu de la tant de gens m'a gardé au chaud

J'ai vraiment aimé voir tant de personnes habillés avec des one piece fluo...

mais j'ai vraiment été suprise quand j'ai remarqué ces deux filles habillées en fourrure!!

A mon avis leur idée de porter quelque chose différent a été une idée géniale!!!

Jan 21, 2012

Life: My loves

I truly enjoy taking pictures of my accessories and pretty much of everything in my room...
I find that a room can really tell someones story... and I love that my room represents me...

so in other posts I'll show a bit more of my room :)...

This time I took pictures of SOME of my accessories...I really love accessories because they remind me of something...
Some are gifts from my parents... others are from trips... and others have a love story behind...

I love accessories that are unique and that will catch people's eye...
but at the same time I like to wear things that have a meaning...

wish you all an AMAZING WEEKEND!!!♥

Jan 19, 2012

Shopping: Winter Treats

So as most of you know I enjoy shopping... it's one of those expensive pleasures...
I really love to shop but I don't consider myself a shopaholic... I think I buy wisely...
I like to buy when things are on sale or when I know they're unique and worth the price...

I have a really hard time saying no to accessories... and this month wasn't going to be the exception
I bought this beautiful steel bracelet from uranium which is a Canadian brand.
I also bought a semi vintage DG Top at an amazing price!! I call it semi because it's not super old but old enough to be considered past collection...

I also bought these fabulous Cheap Monday sunglasses :)

oh and I almost forgot the VOGUE COLLECTION S/S 2012

Jan 17, 2012

Look of the day: Cold Breath

So winter is really hitting hard ...and it's super cold outside...It's really hard to take pictures when you're body is shivering...

so for this look of the day I wanted to wear my DIY hat ... which I love :)
I went to a value village and I saw potential in this piece of fur...
I got home and made a hat :)... I'll show this on another DIY post...
I really like to wear simple clothes and have that one thing that pops out...
and this time it's my lovely DIY hat...I really love this coat because it had these nice studs all over it..and I love the asymmetrical zipper

enjoy the snow and the cold... warm up your feet and drink some hot coco :)

Jan 15, 2012

Lifetyle: The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

I remember the first time I heard this word...

I was talking with someone about fashion and this person was telling me that the only time they would let a stranger take a picture of them would be from the sartorialist... I pretended to know what they were talking about but I felt stupid for just nodding and not asking more about this "sartorialist"

( It's surprising how often I don't know much about fashion figure or such... I either forget their names or haven't really searched much)

Anyhow after that chit chat I immediately searched for the sartorialist on google and found a fabulous source of inspiration and to my own surprise I had in fact flipped a couple of pages of the Sartorialist ( The book ) in Urban Outfitters a while ago....

I finally bought the book and it's a beautiful compilation of street looks
that show different social levels, cultures, cities, body types and ages.

I adore his comments because I love his perceptions of personal style and the outlook of society...

The Sartorialist is simply eye opening.

Thank you Scott Schuman

Much Love

Jan 13, 2012

Make up: Ugly Beauty

I called this post "ugly beauty" because I find there's beauty in the ugliness...

For some reason I've had a couple of people tell me that I look like Lady Gaga... and it's not because of my fashion ( because my fashion is not very crazy) but mostly because of my face... and although a lot of people consider her an "ugly" girl... I don't... I find her beautiful...
and not just because I "look like her"

The people that I consider to be beautiful are actually considered "ugly" according to the standards of beauty that our society has... I consider high fashion models outstanding... although most people see them as these tall thin bony creatures... but I find them beautiful...and I love the way they showcase the clothes...

to me beauty is not being like a barbie but being yourself and comfortable with your face and body...

so I did this makeup because although I might not look beautiful... I do find beauty in that ugliness...if I compare this to the standards of the beauty that our society dictates...

and also I did this make up because I love when the eyebrows are hidden and almost invisible
I can only do this make up at home because if I step out of my house I might scare a couple :)

Jan 8, 2012

Music: Rebecca & Fiona

So I'm finally posting something about music... I know it's a fashion blog but to me fashion is a lifestyle and music, family and food is part of that lifestyle...

For the past few weeks I've been listening a lot to Rebecca and Fiona... These Swedish girls have brought a new vibe to techno / electro music... bringing a vibrant and fresh sound that make our ears bleeds with their lovely vocals

Rebecca and Fiona released their first single on 2010 called Luminary Ones and just recently in 2011 they released their complete first album called " I love you Man"

Their sets have captured so many people's attention that they have mixed with Kaskade and even world renown Dj Tiesto has mixed their songs in his Podcast...

These girls not only have brought techno/ electro music to another level ...but also their fashion have a true impact in their image... They have a mix of indie...punk... modern look...which really makes them out stand from the crowd.

I hope they make a stop to Montreal and gives us a taste of their fabulous music

my favorite songs are :

- Giliap
- Golden Gate
- Girls

Jan 6, 2012

Life: Legacy

So it's Friday night and after going through some pictures I have in my computer my eye got caught by these beautiful pictures...

This is my family... but back in the days... and I simply love their fashion and their faces...

I love the way everyone is dressed so nicely and elegant in the first picture... I'm from El Salvador and my grandmother tells me this is how they use to dress... I wish I was born in those days...

In the second picture there is my grandfather with his bike... he was a very good looking man!!! So elegant on his bike... Just look at his shoes!!!
 and in the last picture there is my great grandmother... she's simply stunning...

I love the simplicity and beauty of these pictures...it even makes me happier to know that good style has run in the family for a long time and it will go on...hopefully :)

Have an AWESOME weekend

Jan 1, 2012

New Yeark!!!

So today is the first day of 2012!!! I'm actually really happy that 2011 is OVER!!!
It has been an emotional and mental roller coaster but I'm truly happy to have accomplished
 A LOT this year!!!

I'm happy I've been able to achieve most of my goals and I'm only 21... I can't wait to see what 2012 has for me!!! I have faith that this year will be greater and better!!!

I wish to all my followers and viewers an AMAZING 2012!!! Enjoy it to the fullest and never lose focus on your dreams!!! and please do not think that 2012 will be the end of the world!!! PLEASE DON'T

wish you all the best and much LOVE!! ♥

P.S : these pictures were taken on Maddison Av. NYC on my last trip this fall