illustration: Robyn Chalmers

So I've decided to start an illustration section... because sometimes it's hard to post pictures of my looks especially now because it's winter.. so I said to myself  "why not sketch out my inspirations" !!!

And to open up this section my muse was Robyn Chalmers.( fashionista 514) 
make up artist... designer... blogger... There are so many ways to define
this beautiful lady.

In my opinion she's a chameleon girl.. because whatever she wears... and whatever she does with her hair...
she always looks stunning.

She has really brought Montreal fashion to another platform...with her freshness and down to earth
personality she has been able to create her own path in this industry.

From a personal perspective I find she's very close to the public and I was really happy to have met her last year in Montreal fashion week.

Much love


  1. OMG Nelly lady!!! I am over the moon!!! I don't think I could be flattered more - WOW! I don't even know what to say...

    Thank you for the kind words, the beautiful illustration, and for considering me in the first place. <3


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