Feb 28, 2012

Fashion Week Milano: Dolce & Gabbana Winter 2012

After watching this show I was literally frozen for five seconds because this collection is simply stunning.
There are no words to describe the beauty in these clothes. It's ompulent, elegant, traditional but sexy at the same time. For the past three seasons Dolce & Gabbana has made fall in love with their collections. This collection is very Sicilian, romantic and with a touch of mediaval religous accents.

The details in these clothes are spectacular... Gold Floral details contrasting on the black lace. The White dotted chiffon and floral patterns were simply the best combination. The models were radiant from head to toe.

Después de ver este show, estaba literalmente con la piel de gallina porque esta colección es simplemente hermosa. No encuentro palabras para describir cuan bellos son estos atuendos. Una colección opulenta, elegante, tradicional pero sexy a la vez.
Las ultimas tres colecciones Dolce & Gabbana me han enamorado con sus colecciones.
Esta colección tiene fuertes raíces de Sicilia, es romántica un poco medieval y con algunos acentos católicos.

Los detalles en estos atuendos son espectaculares, Floreados dorados hacen contrastes con el encaje negro. El chiffon blanco punteado y los patrones floreados eran toda una combinación perfecta.

Feb 24, 2012

Fashion Week Milano: Moschino Winter 2012

Fashion Week Milano has started and a week ago Moschino Cheap and Chic presented a very playful winter collection in London and this time Moschino brings back the cowboy hats and belts for Winter 2012

This collection has a bit of 60's style mixed with modern cowboy styles and just a dash of an Amy Winehouse twist.... I never get tired of saying that even if it's a bit crazy and a mix of everything... Rossella Jardini never loses me...This collection primarily uses color blocks (red, blue, white, black, yellow)
I call her style an organised and synchronised chaos...

Every single outfit of this collection has it's own character and is innovative...
Some people might say that it's ugly but I always see runways as a show... everything in fashion is a show
It doesn't mean that you should wear it exactly as it shown.... you take a piece out of that collection
and wear it as you like...

Feb 19, 2012

Look of the day: Four Walls

I called this post " four walls" because when it's winter I just feel like I'm stuck in the four walls of my room.
I'm really bad with the cold weather and I just can't wait for summer to come because I have all of these clothes that I wish I could show you all :)

Unfortunately for the moment it's really hard to take pictures outside... so for now my room is my mini studio :)... I love this jacket because it has a Spanish feel to it.. it reminds me of los toreadores and I also really like this stripped see through top from vero moda...it's so light and fresh... For this look I felt like being a bit sexy and that's why I used this lip colour and smokey eyes...

I hope you liked it :)

much love

Jacket: Olivia / Top: Vero Moda/ Bracelet: Betsey Johnson

Feb 18, 2012

Fashion Week: Moschino fall/winter 2012

I just finished watching the replay of the live stream this morning of Moschino winter/fall 2012 collection
presented in London...

As always Rossella Jardini brings me back to my childhood...
always colorful and playful... This collections is full of large transparent sequins and glitters...
and anything and everything that a little girl would dream of ...but it's designed for the modern and playful woman...Everyone that knows me... knows that I don't have a crazy style but sometimes I do like to be funky and I find that Rossella Jardini has found the perfect blend between craziness and elegance...

In all of these colors, textures and patterns instead of making me feel overwhelmed with clothes Rossella finds a perfect way to make it look casual and elegant!!

This is the high fashion not so trashy style :)

My favorite piece of this collection was a top that stated "Make up your life"

Feb 16, 2012

Lifestyle: Conceptions

                                                                (source http://www.shefinds.com/)

(* Fashionaccro does not take credit for the pictures used in this montage- no monetary purposes just pure sarcasm for future use of this image please source back to fashionaccro*)

So I posted these two pictures because I am both a fashion blogger and a product designer and well I think
both of these pictures speak for themselves :)


Feb 14, 2012

Look of the day: Dead Season

This past weekend I didn't feel like going out at all...it's was extremely cold outside...
I can't wait for the summer to come because I am truly fed up of this weather...

So for this photoshoot I felt that the best way to represent this cold weather was a cemetery...
I've never been to a cemetery for a loved one... I've never been through that kind of experience but just being there it felt not only cold but very lonely and forgotten...

As you can see I'm wearing my current favorite booties!!! They are comfortable and I love the color...
It's like a grey-ish purple color...

Coat: Esprit
Belt: GRG
Pants: Mango
Boots: Axara Paris
Bag: Matt&Nat
Scarf: Aldo

Feb 12, 2012

Fashion: Male or Female?

A couple of days ago I found out about this high fashion model...

Do you think it's a girl or a guy???
At first glance I couldn't tell the difference... Let me present to you Andrej Pejic
A 20 year old androgynous model, born in Bosnia and currently living in Australia.
This model has really made a statement in high fashion with these fabulous bone cheeks and deep blue eyes...
which kills the runway... This model was selected for the 100 sexiest women in the world but was disqualified after several controversies because he is not a woman...

He modeled in January of 2011 for men and women's wear for Jean-Paul Gaultier and has also modeled for Marc Jacobs.

I don't think anyone has the power to judge other people's life and I'm no one to say that what he does is wrong... He has made a statement in fashion and fashion is all about statements so for that I applaud him for being himself... and I mean it's fashion now a days a lot of girl models end up looking like guys...
because our current fashion is obsessed with these male features...most models have to be chameleons.

So what is your opinion on this model???

Feb 11, 2012

Street Look: Simply Winter

So today while I was coming out of the subway on my way to a coffee shop I saw this pretty lady
with this simple but beautiful outfit.

I guess what really caught my attention was her black wedge booties and her bi color and bi texture leggings...
I know some people might call this a beige and black outfit but to me simplicity is the key to a beautiful composition...

I believe it's easy to add and layer up and color up the outfit but its hard to work with only two colors and create a simple but chic casual outfit...but I respect all opinions.

But to me this girl really pulled it off!!! She's a perfect example of beautiful simplicity

**I was in such a rush that I forgot to ask her name or where she bought her clothes... and again thank you for this shot**

extra info

Hat: H&M New York
Scarf: Small Boutique in Peel Metro
Jacket: H&M
Purse: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Boutique on St.Catherine
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell K2 Wedges

Feb 10, 2012

DIY- Furry Hat / Headband

Step 1 : Find a nice piece of fur... I found mine at a second hand shop for a very low price...

Step 2: Take a button and sew it on one end of the piece but make sure you place it where the hat / head band will fit nicely on your head...(e.i : if you have a big head place it close to the end and if not place it more inside...)

Step 3: On the opposite end place an elastic band so you can attach it with the button... In this case I was kind of lazy to buy one so I used one of my hair elastics and it does the job...for now :)

Step 4: sew the elastic

and VOILA!!! There you have it :)

it's very easy and this real fur hat / headband cost me less than 20$
I just want to point out something to you guys...
be very careful when you sew fur because its extremely hard to find your needle when you're passing through the fur ( all the hair) so be very careful not to pinch yourself...
(for the button I sew the inner fabric with the button because passing through the fur and finding the hole of the button would have been almost impossible to do)

I hope you liked it!!!!

Enjoy the weekend lovely fashionistas

Feb 7, 2012

Fashion Week: SMM 2012 Winter / Melissa Nepton

So last night was the beginning of Montreal 22nd edition of fashion week
and I was booked for Melissa Nepton's show.
The collection she presented gave a very cosy and calm feeling.

Using greys, black and light blues as the main colors combined with heavy, smooth and see thru fabrics using very linear, structural shapes creating a strong torso with a very feminine smooth legs.

I really liked her idea of creating contrast with the fabrics and bringing out some see thru fabric because I think it's always good to wear a fabric that reminds us of summer. I also really love
the combination of smooth leather with rough wool.

I will post the video another day because it's too heavy for this post :(