DIY- Furry Hat / Headband

Step 1 : Find a nice piece of fur... I found mine at a second hand shop for a very low price...

Step 2: Take a button and sew it on one end of the piece but make sure you place it where the hat / head band will fit nicely on your head...(e.i : if you have a big head place it close to the end and if not place it more inside...)

Step 3: On the opposite end place an elastic band so you can attach it with the button... In this case I was kind of lazy to buy one so I used one of my hair elastics and it does the job...for now :)

Step 4: sew the elastic

and VOILA!!! There you have it :)

it's very easy and this real fur hat / headband cost me less than 20$
I just want to point out something to you guys...
be very careful when you sew fur because its extremely hard to find your needle when you're passing through the fur ( all the hair) so be very careful not to pinch yourself...
(for the button I sew the inner fabric with the button because passing through the fur and finding the hole of the button would have been almost impossible to do)

I hope you liked it!!!!

Enjoy the weekend lovely fashionistas