Feb 12, 2012

Fashion: Male or Female?

A couple of days ago I found out about this high fashion model...

Do you think it's a girl or a guy???
At first glance I couldn't tell the difference... Let me present to you Andrej Pejic
A 20 year old androgynous model, born in Bosnia and currently living in Australia.
This model has really made a statement in high fashion with these fabulous bone cheeks and deep blue eyes...
which kills the runway... This model was selected for the 100 sexiest women in the world but was disqualified after several controversies because he is not a woman...

He modeled in January of 2011 for men and women's wear for Jean-Paul Gaultier and has also modeled for Marc Jacobs.

I don't think anyone has the power to judge other people's life and I'm no one to say that what he does is wrong... He has made a statement in fashion and fashion is all about statements so for that I applaud him for being himself... and I mean it's fashion now a days a lot of girl models end up looking like guys...
because our current fashion is obsessed with these male features...most models have to be chameleons.

So what is your opinion on this model???

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