Street Look: Simply Winter

So today while I was coming out of the subway on my way to a coffee shop I saw this pretty lady
with this simple but beautiful outfit.

I guess what really caught my attention was her black wedge booties and her bi color and bi texture leggings...
I know some people might call this a beige and black outfit but to me simplicity is the key to a beautiful composition...

I believe it's easy to add and layer up and color up the outfit but its hard to work with only two colors and create a simple but chic casual outfit...but I respect all opinions.

But to me this girl really pulled it off!!! She's a perfect example of beautiful simplicity

**I was in such a rush that I forgot to ask her name or where she bought her clothes... and again thank you for this shot**

extra info

Hat: H&M New York
Scarf: Small Boutique in Peel Metro
Jacket: H&M
Purse: Urban Outfitters
Leggings: Boutique on St.Catherine
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell K2 Wedges


  1. Absolutely love it!...keep up the amazing ART.

    Hat: H&M New York
    Scarf: Small Boutique in PEEL METRO STATION
    Jacket: H&M Montreal
    Purse: Urban Outfitters Montreal
    Leggings: Boutique on St.Catherine st. Montreal
    Boots: Jeffrey Campbell K2 Wedges from SSENSE

    Voila :) Hope we can do this again!


  2. awww thank you!!!!! for sure!!! in summer


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