Accessories: Bling Bling

So This past month I purchased a couple of lovely things for moi :)
My mom keeps telling me that I already have a ton of accessories but I'm very silly and I always tell myself
"What if ONE day I wear this or that... with this accessory..." As you can see I'm a very safe girl and take serious actions when it comes to accessories :)... What can I say... I guess my biggest crime is to love beautiful things...

This past weekend I went to a Antique exhibition and bought a few vintage items...
and the necklace in the last picture is just stunning.. it's from Mango and it's an actual purse...

1st Picture:
Ring: Vintage
Platter: ChloƩ

2nd Picture:
Ring: Little Burgundy

3rd Picture:
Purse: Vintage

4th Picture:
Necklace: Mango