Look of the day: Lazy Night

So last night I went out with my wife to buritoville... We are not married but we like to call each other wife and wife :)... anyways she is vegan and so most of the times we see each other we go out to vegan restaurants... and this time she brought me to Burritoville... at first I thought it was a "cheesy" name... and then again saying "cheesy" for burrito place is redundant... anyhow I actually really liked it... I liked the whole ambiance and it's a very chill place to hang out on Friday evening...

I was in such a rush and didn't feel like wearing my boots so I wore one my Nike sneakers :) I'm not a huge sneaker fan but sometimes I really like to wear them... I also wore one of my granny sweaters... I call them granny because they are knits and over sized :) It was a perfect lazy Friday...

Enjoy the weekend!!!!!

Buen fin de semana!!!!

Sweater: Olivia
Top: Mango
Pants: Mango
Sneakers: Nike