Top Five Spring Looks

Chanel 2012

Louis vuitton 2012

Blogger Chiara ferragni

Balmain 2012

DG 2012

so here are my top five looks for the summer. As you can see they all have their own character and yes these looks are all from high fashion designers but that doesn't mean that you have to buy these exact items... you simply have to find a pair of pants... a shirt... a skirt or just an accessory with one of these accents... 

The first look is very light but sexy... see through fabrics such as a soft chiffon will do the trick...and it works well with the summery weather.

The second look is very girlie... looking more into the pastels and minty colors... this style goes well with the
ton sur ton style (which is all of the same color)
The third look is a bit more avant garde and playful... you don't need to wear an entire neon dress like Chiara but just a neon bag or a pair of flats will make your outfit literally pop....

The fourth look is very rocky and more metallic towmboy ish....but still remaining chic... a good black leather jackets with studs and a pair of gold shorts will work very well...

the fifth look is very summery and is perfect for those sunny days on the beach... just very flow and floral :)

Have a great week boys and girls :)