Apr 24, 2012

Accessories: Viva Mexico!

Hello beautiful people!!!!

I know I've been slacking a bit with my blog but I'm back!! But no worries guys I'll never leave my baby aka my blog :) If I haven't posted anything previously is because I like to feed your fashion appetite with fresh meat! My sister just came back from her trip to Mexico and as always she brought me back some goodies! I had a special request for her and it was to get me a VOGUE MEXICO! I'm religiously addicted to Vogue magazine!

She also brought me this beautiful red ring! I just love the way it looks like a flower but doesn't have an exact shape of a flower. She also got me these long silver earrings with balls, they are absolutely adorable! And last but not least she obviously got me a Mexican guy :)

I hope to be visiting this beautiful Mexico one of these days!!!!

( All pictures taken by me with the accessories and magazines)


Bueno solo un saludo rapidito a todos los Mexicano!!! Me encanta su cultura y espero tener la dicha de visitar ese pais tan bello muy pronto!! Estas son algunas fotos de la Revista Vogue Mexico!

(Todas esta fotos fueron tomadas por mi con accesorios de Mexico y revistas)

Apr 18, 2012

Fashion: Coachella 2012

So Coachella just passed but it must have amazingly awesome to be there!!! Imagine outstanding music going through your ears and this relaxing ambiance filled with free spirited and fashionable people all at once!!!

I wish I was there... maybe next year... why not ... Here are some of my favorite looks for this year !!!

Loving the fringes, and lose tops with shorts and high waisted skirts, faded jeans and tinted shirts!!!

I call coachella the new woodstock :)


Apr 16, 2012

Life: Tea Cup

I hope Monday wasn't too hard on you guys today!!! I always have a terrible time in the morning... if I could I would skip morning and mentally work while sleeping (that would be my dream!)
But I'm truly grateful to whoever invented tea because it really saves my life!!!

I love that it wakes me up without that the adrenaline from coffee . The funny part of all of this is that apparently tea has more caffeine than coffee and this is a fact because I learned all of this from my 4 year experience at a coffee shop... (Starbucks) Anyways I love tea because whenever I feel sick or just in the mood to be in bed while flipping through a magazine my best friend is a good cup of tea! It has all of these aromas that bring back so many memories.... such as Chai... it reminds me of Christmas or Mint tea reminds me of shisha ... and so on...

Even though summer is knocking our door I still enjoy tea even if it has to be an ice tea!!! :)

have a great week!!!!!

Apr 9, 2012

Shoes and Men (Series)

Here I am again writing about my fabulous correlation between shoes and men. I might be the only one to believe in this comparison and some men might feel offended by my concept but to me shoes are far more than just footwear...

To me they are my passion, my weak point, my babies, my love, my dreams, my personal signature....

The last couple of times I've only given a general view on this subject but since summer is right at the corner. I felt it was time to talk about summer shoes and men...

When summer comes every women is anxious to wear sandals... to show those tanned legs with platforms, wedges or with those cute ballerinas... I know that during summer the last thing I want to worry is to have blisters on my feet and to walk weirdly because my flats are killing my feet...I just want to let my feet breathe and to feel sexy as well.... I do not want to feel a slave to my burning sandals or have sweaty feet in my flats...

If we compare uncomfortable and hurting summer shoes to men.... I would have to say it's the same thing...
In summer I don't want to feel down because some guy is hurting me... or to feel attached and anchored to a guy.... During summer women want to have fun (meaning enjoy the weather, go out with friends for drinks and late night walks) I'm not assuming that women want to be free of men and have sex with strangers in the club or have friends with benefits. Although I'm not discarding the fact that this might be the case for some women but nevertheless in general women just want to feel good.

When summer comes women want to feel great about themselves in every single way. Women are very complex and for us feeling great is not just about shopping or getting pampered but it's to truly feel balanced.

Basically, women don't enjoy painful sweaty shoes during summer; they want to be able to let their feet breathe and that also applies to their emotional state. They don't want to be hurt because some guy is being a jerk... or feel attached to psychotic jealous boyfriend.... or feel anchored to a boyfriend with mama's boy syndrome... Roller coasters are loads of fun during summer but trust me that the last thing a woman would want for her summer is to be trapped in an emotional roller coaster....

To me summer is a time to relax and get out of the house. Do some emotional and mental clean up... Personally, I hate to be tanning and to be thinking about some douche bag that ditched for a soccer game with his friends or to be worried about a guy that might be cheating... I rather be single during summer or to have someone that I can truly trust and knows me perfectly from head to toe...

So now girls!!! go shopping for a good pair of sandals and again please invest some money... buy styles that are basic with colors that you will use more than one season.... buy shoes that are quality.... that will let your feet breathe!!!

And guys!!! Please I beg you be more opened !!! Be a real man, a gentleman, be genuine and mature... being foolish and coward won't get you anywhere... if you have a girlfriend...think that both of you have to enjoy the summer but please communicate!!!

Enough talking now... :) Stay tuned for another chapter of shoes and men :)

Apr 7, 2012

illustration: Scarlett

I hope you're all enjoying the long weekend!!! I'm simply relaxing and working on some personal projects and sleeping... I started drawing Scarlett a while ago but never had time to put some color or hair...

anyways... I got inspired by one of her adds for Dolce and Gabbana perfume... I never draw everything exactly the way it is I draw things the way my hand tells me to... I'm always a bit softer with lines so yeh... I love Scarlett because she has this beautiful face from the old days... She reminds me of Marilyn monroe... maybe its her lips or her hair but she has that kind of vibe...

I hope you guys enjoy my illustrations :)

have a great weekend!!!!

Apr 4, 2012

Life: Candi Bar

Listening to Lana Del Rey ( blue jeans) and just sitting on this plastic chair while looking at these pictures I took at Candi bar a few weeks ago.. make me feel a bit better about my life... (after a very LONG day in the office...)

I just love Candi bar because it brings me back to when I was kid... when all I cared about was getting candies from vending machines and drinking slushes on those heavy summer days...

I love it because it has a perfect balance between craziness and beauty... I love every detail in this place...
I love the fact that from the outside no one would think it's funky and crazy inside but once you step in the entrance you know you're heading into a willy Wonka place...

Watching those slush machines swirls and seeing the pink reflection of the lighting on that Lego bar simply relax me and as I mentioned previously all of these small things bring me back to my childhood...

For me keeping that child in us is extremely important because when you're a kid you're stress free... all you care about is playing and to the most least you will worry about the veggies you have to eat.. But nevertheless you feel free and that feeling is something I try to keep in myself and therefore places, songs or foods that remind me of my childhood are a true blessing...

So thank you Candi bar for giving a little slice of heaven