Life: Tea Cup

I hope Monday wasn't too hard on you guys today!!! I always have a terrible time in the morning... if I could I would skip morning and mentally work while sleeping (that would be my dream!)
But I'm truly grateful to whoever invented tea because it really saves my life!!!

I love that it wakes me up without that the adrenaline from coffee . The funny part of all of this is that apparently tea has more caffeine than coffee and this is a fact because I learned all of this from my 4 year experience at a coffee shop... (Starbucks) Anyways I love tea because whenever I feel sick or just in the mood to be in bed while flipping through a magazine my best friend is a good cup of tea! It has all of these aromas that bring back so many memories.... such as Chai... it reminds me of Christmas or Mint tea reminds me of shisha ... and so on...

Even though summer is knocking our door I still enjoy tea even if it has to be an ice tea!!! :)

have a great week!!!!!


  1. Reading this made me relax a bit more and get a pot of tea going. The colors in the pictures are relaxing also, the pale green and the soft beige and whites..I have yet to try Kusmi's tea are they any good?

    1. they are decent but there a bit on the light side...


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