May 30, 2012

Look of the day: Villa

Some pictures with lovely Pug aka Bella :)

Are you hungry?

So this past weekend was a bit crazy... actually it was really crazy... I was mad tired on Monday morning but I'm glad that I've been able to get back to my normal state...

I had a quick chance to have a small photo shoot with fashion blogger Elle... I should warn you that most probably for the next look of the days she will be my photographer :) It's really hard with  Tripod and since we see each other every weekend at the F514 studio we take a chance to take pictures for each others blog!

I really love the setting of  these pictures because it's literally like a villa and it's in the middle of downtown!! I must admit that lately I'm obsessed with these chiffon flow pastel skirts... They are so light and fresh!

Top: Mango/ Skirt: Editorial/ Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Bag: Matt and Nat

May 22, 2012

Look of the day: Dolce Vita

Hello beauties!!!

So summer is back  and the game is on for look of the day!!! I really have to take more pictures and I promise to do so :) So this past weekend after work I had small session of pictures with  co-worker and fashion blogger Elle from Ellejasmin and the pictures came out very nice!!!

They remind me a lot of the Dolce Vita film because of the fountain and the rocks... and the funny part of this is that my sandals are from the Dolce Vita brand !!! What a coincidence!

I really love the shorts that I was wearing because they look like a skirt but they're not and they have pockets!!! I love pieces that are versatile yet stylish and functional.

If you're wondering "are those sandals comfortable?!?!" well they are decent... for the price that I paid they work quite well... they are light and I only had one small blister... and I walked with them the entire day...

They did pass the test ...

Have a great sunny week!!!

mucho amor


May 16, 2012

Accessories: My charm

So here are more pictures of my accessories :)
my mom says I have too many but it took me time to have all of these treasures...

It really takes time to have a good selection of accessories and this applies to your clothes, shoes, books, basically anything...

I really love these because they have a warm feeling ... I love the story behind my accessories
They each have their own history...

I guess that's the true charm about accessories...

Necklace: XXI
Ring: Vintage
Bracelet: Betsey Johnson
Necklace: online
Earrings: NYC

May 14, 2012

Look of the Day: Minty Flow


so this past weekend the weather was again very beautiful and after buying this beautiful minty chiffon skirt I just felt like swirling into my dreams...Saturday was a bit of a surprise box... It was a very busy day yet quite relaxing...

I'm really into minty and pastels colors for the summer it makes me feel young and almost childish...
I don't find there's any harm into feeling that kid in us... I actually think it's very healthy....

More minty colors to come... :)

Skit: Editorial
Shoes: Locale
Top: Birds of North America

Photograph: John Gallego

May 8, 2012

Look of the day: Red Lime Rebel

Hello beautiful people!!!

I know the weather is kind of gloomy and shitty but we did have a great weekend!!! I enjoyed the sun and took advantage of the warm weather to take some pictures :) Finally a LOOK OF THE DAY!!! I know it's been a while but it's hard when you're with a tripod on your own... but anyhow hopefully I'll soon have a photographer!!! I did say hopefully right...

So I felt like wearing bright colors with a touch of white. I love this bright lime vest because it has a strong color yet it's very soft and light. I had to wear my converse... I just love those shoes because they are comfortable and classy... I also bought a new cross :)

Anyways guys don't worry we have two or three more days with bad weather and then the weekend for mother's day!!!!

Mucho amor

May 1, 2012

Shoes: Top 3 Painless shoes

We all love wearing sandals and flats in the summer season but unfortunately sometimes we are scared of getting blisters... and when it does happen it's not something pretty to see. Blisters are literally a pain in the butt and they simply ruin your look because you end up having two or three band aids falling off your flats...

But no worries ladies I found some easy tips to ease the pain... After many trials and blisters I finally have some tricks to share with all of you :)

1. Shoe sole-mate

A good in sole will become your "sole-mate"! Trust me in this one! There are many reasons that can cause your feet to have blisters... Such as a bad sized shoe which will cause a lot of rubbing and friction or really bad quality shoes but honestly even shoes that have cost me over 200$ have cost me blisters... no one is safe...

But anyways like I said a good in sole with a good thickness will bring your feet higher inside your shoe which will avoid the friction on the back of your feet. In soles will also help your arch and your posture! Oh and I forgot they also help those smelly feet!

2. Heel liners to heal!

Another little trick I found is to put some heel liners or "back in soles" in the back of my shoes (inside)... These little guys are amazing when you're on the go and when you're feet are starting to hurt... They are hidden inside of your shoes and act like band aids! They are literally invisible!

You can also find these in smaller strips for sandals!!!

3. Tights!

I'm really not a huge fan of tights... I really have no idea why but maybe it's because my parents forced me to wear them when I was younger ...Honestly I really hate skin colored tights... I rather use them with some color or a nice pattern... You can also get those "sock" tights for flats....

There are many ways to avoid blisters but like I said no one is safe.... You never know when it will happen or with what shoes... You simply have to try and see what works for you! Another great tip is to break your shoes... We often "break" our shoes when they are heels or pumps but you can also break flats! You have to get your feet use to them... I mean worse case scenario carry some band aids with you to avoid staining your shoes... with you know what...


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