Look of the day: Villa

Some pictures with lovely Pug aka Bella :)

Are you hungry?

So this past weekend was a bit crazy... actually it was really crazy... I was mad tired on Monday morning but I'm glad that I've been able to get back to my normal state...

I had a quick chance to have a small photo shoot with fashion blogger Elle... I should warn you that most probably for the next look of the days she will be my photographer :) It's really hard with  Tripod and since we see each other every weekend at the F514 studio we take a chance to take pictures for each others blog!

I really love the setting of  these pictures because it's literally like a villa and it's in the middle of downtown!! I must admit that lately I'm obsessed with these chiffon flow pastel skirts... They are so light and fresh!

Top: Mango/ Skirt: Editorial/ Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs/ Bag: Matt and Nat