Look of the day: Dolce Vita

Hello beauties!!!

So summer is back  and the game is on for look of the day!!! I really have to take more pictures and I promise to do so :) So this past weekend after work I had small session of pictures with  co-worker and fashion blogger Elle from Ellejasmin and the pictures came out very nice!!!

They remind me a lot of the Dolce Vita film because of the fountain and the rocks... and the funny part of this is that my sandals are from the Dolce Vita brand !!! What a coincidence!

I really love the shorts that I was wearing because they look like a skirt but they're not and they have pockets!!! I love pieces that are versatile yet stylish and functional.

If you're wondering "are those sandals comfortable?!?!" well they are decent... for the price that I paid they work quite well... they are light and I only had one small blister... and I walked with them the entire day...

They did pass the test ...

Have a great sunny week!!!

mucho amor



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