Look of the day: Red Lime Rebel

Hello beautiful people!!!

I know the weather is kind of gloomy and shitty but we did have a great weekend!!! I enjoyed the sun and took advantage of the warm weather to take some pictures :) Finally a LOOK OF THE DAY!!! I know it's been a while but it's hard when you're with a tripod on your own... but anyhow hopefully I'll soon have a photographer!!! I did say hopefully right...

So I felt like wearing bright colors with a touch of white. I love this bright lime vest because it has a strong color yet it's very soft and light. I had to wear my converse... I just love those shoes because they are comfortable and classy... I also bought a new cross :)

Anyways guys don't worry we have two or three more days with bad weather and then the weekend for mother's day!!!!

Mucho amor