Accessories: Numero 11

For the Grand Prix weekend I attended the Numero 11 Store event with the company of fashion blogger and coworker Elle!! This store has opened its doors to Montreal about 3 months ago
 and it came right on time for the summer season!

With exclusive lingerie collections and beautifully patterned swimsuits! This is heaven for the Montreal Ladies with very well tailored designs made in Brazil, Venezuela and Spain. Numero 11 showcases many accessory designs from Venezuelan designers such as Las Goyas. I simply fell in love with their accessories
and I just couldn't help but to fall in temptation and get something!!!
As you may all know I'm very picky with everything and especially accessories... I hate to see my little treasures rust... and these accessories are ever lasting!

I also love the ambiance and the warm welcoming from the ladies at Numero 11. They
are simply delightful and as a Latina lady I had to speak in Spanish to them!!

I love seeing Hispanic talent and businesses grow within our city!

Bienvenidas a Montreal!

Here below is the beautiful bracelet I bought for my sister but it's actually more mine than hers now....
(I'm borrowing it... I just don't know when I'll give it back :)