Love Dior

My new Dior Blush :)

My Dior Lipstick!

My Dior necklace :)


So lately my fashion love has been religiously devoted to Dior... I just love the elegance and the clean edges of this line...It's a bit hard for me to explain my fashion love but all I can say is that it's borderline to a compulsive obsession :)

It's absolutely easy for me to be in love with Dior but lately I'm having a really hard time finding true love?
I don't want to sound like Carrie Bradshaw and write about my disappointments with love and my addiction to shoes but to tell you the truth I could go on and on along these tangents...

I was having a boy talk with my parents... it's extremely unusual for me to be engaging these type
of conversations with them but it somehow just happened...

I was telling them that nowadays it's really hard to find a guy that is a gentlemen...
Many guys that I've met seem to have forgotten the manhood booklet at home!
I wonder where the hell manners have gone!
In very simple gestures I can notice when a guy is not being a gentleman...

Is a door that heavy? Like seriously open the door ! Let her walk before you!
Pick her up! and freaking pay a coffee!

I know that many girls can be gold diggers and take advantage of these gentlemen guidelines but there are some girls like me that truly appreciate these small details...

I've promised myself to not throw a penny more for a guy or go pick him up!!!

NO NO... My love life may not be active for the moment but in this economy crisis I better save my money and hope for a gentlman to get me a cup of coffee (tea)! :)

Stay tunned for my next shoes and men serie...