The New Black..


I hope you're all enjoying this gloomy weather....(I'm not) Well since the weather is ugly and it's the weekend
I took some free time to try this new product! It's called The new black.

It's a kit that comes with three different nail bottles...and some strips of news paper

It's 5 easy steps... I won't lie that you need a bit more time than just a regular nail polish Mani...

Before all of these steps Apply your favorite nail polish ( I used the one in the kit because it's a nude color and it allows the letters to be readable)

1. cut the pieces to size (rough scares)
2. Apply the "Transfer solution" on your nails (one at the time) and keep it wet
3. Apply the paper (letters on the nail... it's silly but it took me time to figure this out)
4. Remove the paper gently after 30 seconds
5. Wait until it's nicely dry and apply at top coat for some shine!

And  Voila!!!

At first I couldn't read what's written on the news paper but once you apply it... you read it all!!!

I just love what's written because it's all about "life, love, peace, wish" and they're all positive words!

Go get some! It's worth a try!!

You can find these in places like Sephora.