Sometimes we just don't know what to buy anymore!
The summer hits us and we start buying sandals here and there without keeping track...

I have maybe 3 or 4 pair of sandals and the rest are flats... I don't spend crazy money on sandals
since we only have 2 months of real summer... and they are a seasonal trend...


Here are the TOP 5 sandals for this summer!!!

1. Strappy Sandals

These are my favorite!!!

Strappy heel sandal are always trendy for the summer and these Christian Dior are to die for!
Combining textures and colors are really great for contrast. They are amazing for the day and work perfectly for the night. They can be worn with dresses, skirts and shorts!

2. Wedges

What can I say... they are my ultimate shoe saviours! Wedges give you height without the pain of heels. They are simply fabulous!!! They don't need to be as crazy as these Moschino but you can go on your wild side and do a bit of color blocking... They work very well with shorts and also light summer pants...

3. One-Strap

This type of sandals has been everywhere... the simplicity in these sandals make them tremendously sexy and elegant. I love these Givenchy because of the silver detail combined with the snake texture...These sandals are great with dresses and shorts! They elongate your legs and give you height!

4. Flat Sandals

Gladiator sandals are over rated... They are completely out and I'm happy for that! Just a simply flat sandal with not so many straps will do the trick if heels and wedges are not your forte!
These Jeffrey Campbell sandals are great because they have this Spaniard in sole which is super comfortable because your foot is not hitting the ground... For flat sandals I highly suggest to find a pair that has a good thickness at the bottom because constantly hitting the ground is no fun!

5. Translucent Sandals

I know that many people passionately hate translucent shoes and even I'm not a big fan but just having a detail... might work for me... I actually love these Zara sandals... I think the heel works really well and it even becomes THE statement of the shoe. If you ever buy shoes with this type of heel...take good care of them... try not to scratch them please!

So these are my TOP 5 picks for the summer!

Remember to take great care of your sandals and your feet!!!



  1. OO WOW J'adore les dernière, bonnes sélections ;)


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