Jul 29, 2012

Face Fear

So this week has been a bit crazy...
I was very sick and it wore down my energy and mental well being...
I had never been this sick and now I'm just getting myself back to normality.

Facing fears is never easy... Fears are like those monsters that hide beneath our beds and we try to keep them hidden but they are well kept behind our thoughts and in our subconscious.
I had to face my biggest fear this week and it was a terrifying experience but at the same time I'm proud about myself... I'm proud that I was brave enough to face it...I know that I still have some work to complete before my fear is good and gone but I've overcome a big step... and now all I have to do is simply live life as if I never had this fear...

Some people believe it's impossible to overcome fears but I believe that nothing is impossible for God and I have faith that He will do great things in my life...

These pictures were taken a couple of hours before I had to face my fear and although sometimes I wish I could erase that day from my memory I know it's also a reminder for the beginning of my new life...

Fears are absolutely no fun but they are there to make us stronger because I don't think God wants us to live under a sheet of fears... but to live life laughing and loving those that care about us...

Happy Sunday!

Jul 21, 2012

Street Look at Fashion Night

Last Wednesday I attended the opening of a new store of Boutique 1861 on St-Laurent.
There was so many people nicely dressed and to my fabulous fortune my camera died on me!
I had to use a fashion intern's iPhone because silly me still has a blackberry!
So I only took two street looks that really caught my attention from head to toe.

I love this girl's outfit because it looks baggy but fresh and the touch of those glossy army boots really completed the style. I didn't get the chance to get their names and I barely had time to give them by business cards because there was a lot of people in the boutique and everyone seemed busy...

I saw this girl and I automatically knew that I had to take a picture of her look!
The dress with fringes, the denim jacket with studs and those Jeffrey Campbell really caught my eye.
I spoke with her for a little bit and she told me she was a blogger too but I honestly don't remember what it was called :(...

I just love her outfit especially those killer shoes!!! I wish I could walk in those!

enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

Jul 19, 2012

Montreal Fashion:Boutique 1861

On St-Laurent street! (a few blocks from St-Laurent metro)



Hello fashionistas!!!

Last night I attended the grand opening of Boutique 1861 new store on St-Laurent street. This beautiful boutique has gained a lot of popularity in Montreal's fashion community in the past few years on its location in the middle of downtown on St-Catherine street.

This chic boutique is literally any girl's dream wardrobe!
From cupcakes to glasses of wine, beauty goodies and racks full of stunning clothes.
Delicate accessories and fabulous shoes filled this exquisite boutique.
As you may notice from the pictures the cupcake table was absolutely delicious and it was very hard to step away from it but those beautiful clothes were simply screaming at me!

I was very impressed with their wide selection of clothes,accessories and shoes!
I appreciate so much the care that Boutique 1861 has for their decor because it truly makes you feel special and it brings the girlie side in you!

I can't wait to go back and shop!!!
I hope to see some of you around this beautiful fashion boutique.

Soon to come street styles from this delightful evening!

Jul 17, 2012

Beauty Secret : Lavender

"French Kiss" lavender bubble bath from Lush

"Creme de reve" with oatmeal and lavender from Lush

Lavender Body wash 100% natural from health tree market (west island )

(Other products from right to left lavender spray and (small blue bottle - 100% lavender oil)

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all enjoyed the hot weekend! I was extremely busy and had no time for an outfit post :( but for sure later this week or this weekend I'll be posting some pictures!!!

Anyways today I felt like sharing with you some of my beauty and health secrets and they all have LAVENDER!!! Lately I've really become obsessed with lavender... maybe because my fashionista boss recommended me some for my bad sleeping habits...

For the past two weeks I've been using lavender soap to shower and I finish my relaxing treatment with a lavender lotion. I just LOVE all of these products and they are all 100% NATURAL... I know we have heard this term more than once but when you buy the right products at organic groceries and stores that make everything hand made such as Lush there is no need to doubt...All of these products make me feel fabulous and fresh.

I apply with a paper towel a bit of lavender oil on my pillow which helps me to sleep and relax and I also use the air freshener for my room.

I love this new lifestyle with lavender treatments every night :)

What is your beauty night secret?

Jul 13, 2012

Smallest things in Life

Lately I've come to realise many things and one of them is appreciating the smallest things in life.
We have become so use to the our daily routines and our lives running from home to work or school and it doesn't stop until we shut our eyes.

It's sad to say but I had forgotten what it felt to be happy and I didn't remember what it felt to smile without caring about tomorrow. I feel at peace with myself not because I'm not working or studying but because I've finally taken some time to stop my stressful life and appreciate much more what life has to offer.

 The smallest things in life are the ones that give the biggest happiness.

Just feeling the sun burning my skin or eating at the table with my parents.
Watching the smile in a kid's face or hugging a friend.

I've come to realise that life is much bigger than a career or money... It's all about being at peace and happy with life... It's about caring for those that care about you... It's appreciating the smallest things in life.

Photos from VOGUE ITALIA 
Photographer: Kacper Godlewski's

Have a great weekend!!!

Jul 11, 2012

Look of the day: Love Lace


This week has been a true blessing for me... My life may not be perfect but I'm tremendously happy for everything that I have and for having a beautiful family!
Monday was my birthday and I'm now 22!!! I'm getting old :)
I usually go clubbing or out for some drinks but this time I just relaxed and spent the day with la familia

With the beautiful weather of the weekend I decided to take some pictures for my "look of the day" segments!!! I wanted to wear everything lace... from top to bottom... I just love the romantic look of it. Besides being a sexy fabric it also lets your body breathe in those hot summer days.

These pictures remind me of those Coco marine runways and a bit of those Sicilian Dolce photo shoot... a bit of both...The only difference is that these were taken in the beautiful old port of Montreal.

Top: XXI / Skit: Editorial / Shoes: HM / Ring: Editorial

Jul 5, 2012

Tattoo? Alphonse Mucha


I just felt like sharing my love for this talented artist called Alphonse Mucha. I first heard of this artist by watching "Miami Ink" and I instantly fell in love with his art. I started collecting various posters
of his paintings and I just never get tired of seeing them...

At that time I had a best friend which then became my boyfriend and is currently now my ex boyfriend anyways I went to his house and I saw so many posters and calendars of Alphonse Mucha and I was simply fascinated and so I asked him "how come you know about this artist?" and well I discovered that Alphonse Mucha is from Czech Republic and my ex is from this country as well... and his mother also loves this artist....

Long story short... during our friendship and relationship he gave me several presents with Mucha's paintings and I still have them :) They are too precious to be thrown away... I guess it's the only thing I don't regret about dating him... :) (jokes...)

Anyways Alphonse Mucha has been part of my life for a while now and I've been thinking about a tattoo...
I'm a real chicken... for real I'm not brave and it's not so much about the pain but mostly about what my parents will think... I hate to disappoint them... so I'm truly debating on that subject... maybe it won't happen now but it's still cooking in my head...and with everything that has been happening in my life I want to mark this on me...

What do you think about this???

Jul 3, 2012

Fear, Faith, Family & Friends

so I know it's been about a week that I don't touch my blog and the guilt was weighing on me but
I've been going through a persona problem and being in front of the computer
was out of the question but I will never forget about my baby aka my blog.


Going through this personal issue has brought back many bad memories from the past
and I had forgotten the way I overcame my fear. Sometimes I feel that my fear is the biggest
but the reality is that everyone has a fear. Every day you see people walking down the street and they all look quite normal but you have no idea what's in their mind. The truth is that everyone carries a fear or a problem...
It's hard to face fears and they get under your skin and dominate you... but they also make you stronger.


I grew up going to Sunday school and attending church every weekend but as I grew up I stepped away from my faith... and going through this issue has made me put many things in perspective. I believe in God and in his power... many people believe that christian followers should be perfect and spotless but we are humans
and not even God expects us to be free of sins... It's hard not to blame God for your problems or wonder why the hell you're going through this... but only he knows the plans of your life... I find that people have an ease at believing in the dark power but have a hard time believe in God.


To be honest with you I've never been this scared in my life and I feel truly blessed to have amazing parents with me. Growing up I've been really worried about my plans and everything I WANT TO DO... and I
had forgotten those that I've been living with under the same roof for over 20 years...
I've come to point to appreciate much more those that gave brought me to life and simply appreciate the small things such as sitting down at the table with them...
I truly love my family.


I've also come to realise those that are my true friends... 5 years ago I cared about "how many" friends I had but now I just care for those that care about me... for those that are with you in all times..
I don't like to share my problem and explain it to everyone...
but I've shared it with some close people and I'm truly surprised with all their support.
I'm very thankful for those friends that are with me ... they are very few but they are true angels!

And last but not least FASHION!

I could never forget about fashion! In the middle of this crisis fashion motivates me to continue and to stay strong...


Sunglasses: XXI / Top: HM / Shorts: HM / Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs