Beauty Secret : Lavender

"French Kiss" lavender bubble bath from Lush

"Creme de reve" with oatmeal and lavender from Lush

Lavender Body wash 100% natural from health tree market (west island )

(Other products from right to left lavender spray and (small blue bottle - 100% lavender oil)

Hello beautiful people!

I hope you all enjoyed the hot weekend! I was extremely busy and had no time for an outfit post :( but for sure later this week or this weekend I'll be posting some pictures!!!

Anyways today I felt like sharing with you some of my beauty and health secrets and they all have LAVENDER!!! Lately I've really become obsessed with lavender... maybe because my fashionista boss recommended me some for my bad sleeping habits...

For the past two weeks I've been using lavender soap to shower and I finish my relaxing treatment with a lavender lotion. I just LOVE all of these products and they are all 100% NATURAL... I know we have heard this term more than once but when you buy the right products at organic groceries and stores that make everything hand made such as Lush there is no need to doubt...All of these products make me feel fabulous and fresh.

I apply with a paper towel a bit of lavender oil on my pillow which helps me to sleep and relax and I also use the air freshener for my room.

I love this new lifestyle with lavender treatments every night :)

What is your beauty night secret?