Fear, Faith, Family & Friends

so I know it's been about a week that I don't touch my blog and the guilt was weighing on me but
I've been going through a persona problem and being in front of the computer
was out of the question but I will never forget about my baby aka my blog.


Going through this personal issue has brought back many bad memories from the past
and I had forgotten the way I overcame my fear. Sometimes I feel that my fear is the biggest
but the reality is that everyone has a fear. Every day you see people walking down the street and they all look quite normal but you have no idea what's in their mind. The truth is that everyone carries a fear or a problem...
It's hard to face fears and they get under your skin and dominate you... but they also make you stronger.


I grew up going to Sunday school and attending church every weekend but as I grew up I stepped away from my faith... and going through this issue has made me put many things in perspective. I believe in God and in his power... many people believe that christian followers should be perfect and spotless but we are humans
and not even God expects us to be free of sins... It's hard not to blame God for your problems or wonder why the hell you're going through this... but only he knows the plans of your life... I find that people have an ease at believing in the dark power but have a hard time believe in God.


To be honest with you I've never been this scared in my life and I feel truly blessed to have amazing parents with me. Growing up I've been really worried about my plans and everything I WANT TO DO... and I
had forgotten those that I've been living with under the same roof for over 20 years...
I've come to point to appreciate much more those that gave brought me to life and simply appreciate the small things such as sitting down at the table with them...
I truly love my family.


I've also come to realise those that are my true friends... 5 years ago I cared about "how many" friends I had but now I just care for those that care about me... for those that are with you in all times..
I don't like to share my problem and explain it to everyone...
but I've shared it with some close people and I'm truly surprised with all their support.
I'm very thankful for those friends that are with me ... they are very few but they are true angels!

And last but not least FASHION!

I could never forget about fashion! In the middle of this crisis fashion motivates me to continue and to stay strong...


Sunglasses: XXI / Top: HM / Shorts: HM / Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs