Look of the day: Love Lace


This week has been a true blessing for me... My life may not be perfect but I'm tremendously happy for everything that I have and for having a beautiful family!
Monday was my birthday and I'm now 22!!! I'm getting old :)
I usually go clubbing or out for some drinks but this time I just relaxed and spent the day with la familia

With the beautiful weather of the weekend I decided to take some pictures for my "look of the day" segments!!! I wanted to wear everything lace... from top to bottom... I just love the romantic look of it. Besides being a sexy fabric it also lets your body breathe in those hot summer days.

These pictures remind me of those Coco marine runways and a bit of those Sicilian Dolce photo shoot... a bit of both...The only difference is that these were taken in the beautiful old port of Montreal.

Top: XXI / Skit: Editorial / Shoes: HM / Ring: Editorial