Smallest things in Life

Lately I've come to realise many things and one of them is appreciating the smallest things in life.
We have become so use to the our daily routines and our lives running from home to work or school and it doesn't stop until we shut our eyes.

It's sad to say but I had forgotten what it felt to be happy and I didn't remember what it felt to smile without caring about tomorrow. I feel at peace with myself not because I'm not working or studying but because I've finally taken some time to stop my stressful life and appreciate much more what life has to offer.

 The smallest things in life are the ones that give the biggest happiness.

Just feeling the sun burning my skin or eating at the table with my parents.
Watching the smile in a kid's face or hugging a friend.

I've come to realise that life is much bigger than a career or money... It's all about being at peace and happy with life... It's about caring for those that care about you... It's appreciating the smallest things in life.

Photos from VOGUE ITALIA 
Photographer: Kacper Godlewski's

Have a great weekend!!!