Aug 31, 2012

Make up: Perfect Foundation

So I present to you myself without makeup...But it's all for a good cause... to help all of those ladies that have a hard time with make up...

So to start off I ALWAYS apply my concealer first... My friend who's a make up artist says it's better after the foundation but I prefer before...

The main areas I cover are: under eyes, sides of my nose and some red spots (use the green color on the Lise Watier Palette)

I then apply my foundation (Loreal True Match Lumi) which works very well and it has SPF protection.
I usually use my finger tips for it blend it well but make sure to have clean hands...

I then apply my blush (Dior Blush) on my cheek bones... I use a Mac Blush which works amazing!

I then Apply some bronzer (Lise Watier Bronzer-Havana) below my cheek bones to create a depth and I use an Estee Lauder Blush Brush. Try to use a different brush from your blush because you don't want to be blending different colors.

And this is the end result!!!

After having an even foundation and highlighting your cheeks you're ready for some eye makeup!!! :)


Aug 30, 2012

Blogger's Life

I started my blog over a year ago and since then I've learned about myself more than anything else.
I guess there is no specific recipe or guidelines to follow in order to have a "successful" blog.

According to the social media industry being "successful" is having 
  • A LOT of FANS 
But I've come to realise that by appreciating my work (without other's approval) and giving quality content to my readers is truly what makes me feel more successful than those that have more followers than me.

Maybe I've taken this perspective on my blog because blogging is not my main career goal and also because I don't like portraying myself as the "typical" fashion blogger (will explain on another post).

Here are some of my guidelines for a well shaped blog

Quality Content :

 When I started blogging I thought that by posting every day I would get more traffic and obviously more followers. I unfortunately found myself tired and frustrated of posting "shitty" things and not getting the desired results. I felt unsatisfied with my work and felt it was time for a change. I post every week but not every day... I like to give my readers unique pictures with my outfits posts and I try as much as I can to post pictures taking by me or my photographer... 

Be Authenthic:

Don't ever try to copy another blogger... Don't replicate a look or imitate their way of interacting with their followers... I hate to see so many bloggers posting instragram pictures of their food or arm candies... It's not unique... Sometimes bloggers opt for these "activities" because they want to create MORE traffic and have MORE
followers... in some circumstances it works
but to me it's losing yourself in the crowd....

Don't share your ideas:

Unfortunately I learned this advice by my own experience... Sometimes I'm a bit naive to the point of sharing my ideas with others and then seeing them use my idea to their advantage... NEVER share your ideas... Keep those weapons under your sleeve.

Advertisement Surfer:

Sometimes you get samples or giveaways from some companies but don't ever post those onto your blog...
You can share the social "love" or appreciation on twitter or Facebook but never promote things on your blog without a paycheck...


Aug 27, 2012

Shoe Soul

(nicholas kirkwood)

We have often read books or a magazine's headlines stating that "Shoes are a girl's best friend"
Well that statement is very close to reality.
This fact is not only based on studies that prove women will spend more money on shoes than clothes...
but in a more emotional and mental connection between woman and shoes... 
(Zara fall 2012)

The other day I was watching "My strange addiction" from TLC and for the first time I could relate to this addiction.... Basically this woman owns about 200 pairs of shoes and has been prolonging her wedding plans because she keeps spending her savings on shoes...

She claimed that her shoes had feelings and that all of her shoes had their own personality...
Some might think she's crazy but I can relate to her in that sense...
I don't believe that my shoes will get sad if I don't wear them...
But they are certain shoes I wear depending on my well-being...

(Balmain FW 2012)

Sometimes when I feel lazy or careless I will wear my high top sneakers...or when I feel casual and normal I will wear my flats and when I feel the need to boost up my confidence I will wear some booties or heels...

Shoes play a big role in a woman's life...
I will never get tired of saying that shoes are an extension of our character...

(Chanel FW 2012)

Anyways some people think I'm a shoe addict but I rather invest in shoes than to be spending almost the same amount on therapists...

Shoes are definitely a woman's best friend and complice
That is the reason of my new BIG project....


Have a great week!!!


Aug 26, 2012

Look of the Day: Night Love

(The magical art of staying still... only my photographer knows what I'm talking about * :)

So this one week we tested a night photography! Quite a tricky task but not impossible to execute.
I'm very happy with the end result of this experience!

Summer is almost over but that doesn't mean you cannot wear summer tops in winter!
I'm against the idea of putting away summer tops for winter.
One of the best ways to use your summer tops in winter is by combining them with a jacket, blazer or even a cardigan. No need to be spending more cash on winter tops!

You can obviously buy some knitted or cashmere tops for winter but don't over spend on clothes...
save the extra cash for valuable shoes :)

For this photo shoot I wore one of my favourite tops from Vero Moda! I simply love this white lace top!
This top paired with my Mango skinnies and pointy heels = romantic night!

Top: Vero Moda / Pants: Mango / Shoes: 1861 / Necklace : HM

Photographer : Yousuf Hasan


Aug 23, 2012

illustrations: Anik Lacasse

So I'm back to my sketchbook...

I love sketching and besides being very relaxing I also love interpreting my view from someone on paper.
I tend to draw people that I don't know very well but that inspire me in a certain way.

I felt like sketching Anik Lacasse because her smile and her eyes are hard to miss in a crowd and even though I've only met her twice I can sense that she's very intuive and genuine.

Aside from being one of the most popular fashion bloggers in Montreal she is one of the few that has been able to captivate both French and English readers with her blog "Montreal in Style". She's not only a pretty fashion figure but an oustanding business woman. Currently being the official Blogger for Complexe les Ailes de la mode, collaborating with Elle Quebec magazine and many other fashion brands. I must say that she probably has a heavy agenda but taking all of this into account she even has time to attend various events in the city.

Wishing her all the best in her future projects and never stop smiling!


Aug 19, 2012

Look of the day: Minelly or Minelli

You cannot complain about the weather that we had this weekend because it was sunny yet not sweaty hot!
It was the perfect time to go out and take a couple of outfit pictures!

These pictures were taken at my old high school... Its a very special place for me... It brings back so many good memories! I must say that my high schools were the best years of my life... I might be wrong because who knows what life has for me in the next couple of years but I truly cherish all of those unforgettable moments I lived in high school.

On Saturday it was quite chilly and I had so much trouble figuring out what to wear because I wanted to show off my new babies aka my new Minelly shoes (see below) I felt they complimented my "bird" jacket as some of my friends call it... I love it because it's different yet quite formal.

I'm so happy to have purchased these Minelli shoes because they are worth the price and are very comfortable! I will never get tired to tell people to buy shoes that are made in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil... it's hard to find bad shoes made in these countries... They are a bit more expensive but are worth every single penny.

I finally wore my minty pants of the summer!
They have been quite overrated by fashion bloggers and stylists but I think this type of mint is great because it almost looks like white so it can be combined a bit more than a solid mint color.

Anyways Summer is sadly almost over but before everyone goes back into their regular routines such as school or work... I have to start planning my future plans!
I've started to put all my energy into my new BIG project... I do not want to divulge what my project is all about because I'm waiting for it to take shape... I know it won't be easy but I'm very happy to have the support of my family.

Have a great week!

Photographer : Yousuf Hasan

Blazer: Olivia Boutique/ Top: Zara/ Pants: Zara/ Shoes: Minelli / Sunglasses: Cheap Monday


Aug 16, 2012

Attitude By Jay Manuel

It has been almost 2 weeks since Montreal Festival passed but I was waiting for the picture of Jay Manuel and Moi :). I was very happy to have met this fashion trendsetter and obvisouly tv personality and fashion figure. I was very surprised of his presence but I'm glad he came and presented himself his new collection called Attitude.

I was able to go into the backstage and take a couple of shots of the models getting ready to hit the runway.

I really love black and white pictures for backstage because sometimes with so many colors and textures we miss the real action behind those clothes.

Lean legs

Attitude By Jay Manuel

I was very happy to have had the chance to meet this great fashion figure.
Known for his charismatic presence in "America's top model" he is now stepping himself more into the design development and methodology of fashion. With all the stress and busyness in the backstage I was truly impress at his professionalism. I loved seeing him motivate and arrange the models and the time he took to take pictures with everyone in the backstage. I love to see someone considered by the public as a celebrity and still be grounded and humane. I was very impressed to see that he's very approachable and down to earth.

This collection was very chic and elegant with a touch of mystery. It reminded a bit of those late nights in Paris by a park walking with one of these hats and coats. Combining various patterns such as plaid and dots with jersey and  wool. A very classic look yet well applied and defined for the modern and sophisticated woman. I really loved it and I'm proud of his work.



Aug 12, 2012

Look of the day: Oh Candi Bar!

This weekend I took my new photographer to his first BIG challenge!
I was very excited and tremendously happy to be finally having a photo shoot at Candi Bar.
One of the most precious bars in Montreal. I wanted to shoot in Candi Bar not only for its beautiful decor but because it brings me back to my most cherished childhood memories.

I was having a hard time picking out the clothes that I planned on wearing for this photo shoot but I felt that a solid red color would be great to give this look a punch! Adding also the soft touch of a Louis Vuitton inspired top and a bit of bling!

Sipping on some good old Candi Slush :)

I usually HATE using the washrooms at bars but if you don't visit Candi Bar's bathroom than you've missed a lot of creative decor!

I had to go into the boys bathroom...

and have some fun with the tigerrrrrrrrrrrr :)

OoOoOoOps ...

Ma Bling Bling!!!

Lost in this Lalaland world!

and I present to you my photographer!!! Yousuf Hasan!!!
He was a bit anxy but he's very professional and I'm simply happy to have him be part of my team!

and now a BIG THANK YOU to Oli ( far left ) and to his bartender!!!

I had so much fun with this photo shoot and I'm so HAPPY to have been able to take these pictures in this outstanding place!!!!

If you haven't visited Candi Bar than.... GO NOW!!!

Jacket : Zara / Top : Zara/ Pants : Zara / Shoes: HM / Necklace: XXI

Have a great week!!!


Look of the day: Boutique Onze "Classy Night"


So here is the second part of my journey with Boutique Onze!!!
I fell in love when I first glanced at this beautiful lace dress... You may all know by now that I adore lace and
on top it's one of the trendiest fabrics of this summer so this lace dress fit like a glove!
It made me feel like a classy Italian lady even without an Italian background... :)

Combined with this stunning necklace and simple yet elegant color blocked clutch... it's a complete night combo! It even looks romantic for an evening out with your significant other...

I regret not wearing red lipstick for this look because it would have given it more punch but.... it still gives a classy allure.... It's so chic!

If you fell in love with this dress as much as I did! Go and get it at Boutique Onze on St-Catherine street!!!

Happy Sunday Folks :)


Aug 9, 2012

Look of the Day: Boutique Onze Color Me

Unfortunately summer is almost over but to our luck new trends arise for the fall season!
It's never easy to know what to wear because it's not too hot yet we don't want to let go of summer and we try to wear clothes that remind us of those sunny days...

Yesterday I had the chance to work with Boutique Onze and choose some outfits!!! I really loved the way this dress fit me and the combination of colors reminded me of the transition between summer and fall.

This dress with a 70's vibe and full of colorful stripes is a great option for the beginning of fall.
It's very comfortable and easy to wear for work or to go out on a casual brunch with your friends!
If you feel a bit chilly you can simply add a cardigan or even a denim jacket would work very well.

Check out many more of these dresses in Boutique Onze on st-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal!

Yumi Dress