Attitude By Jay Manuel

It has been almost 2 weeks since Montreal Festival passed but I was waiting for the picture of Jay Manuel and Moi :). I was very happy to have met this fashion trendsetter and obvisouly tv personality and fashion figure. I was very surprised of his presence but I'm glad he came and presented himself his new collection called Attitude.

I was able to go into the backstage and take a couple of shots of the models getting ready to hit the runway.

I really love black and white pictures for backstage because sometimes with so many colors and textures we miss the real action behind those clothes.

Lean legs

Attitude By Jay Manuel

I was very happy to have had the chance to meet this great fashion figure.
Known for his charismatic presence in "America's top model" he is now stepping himself more into the design development and methodology of fashion. With all the stress and busyness in the backstage I was truly impress at his professionalism. I loved seeing him motivate and arrange the models and the time he took to take pictures with everyone in the backstage. I love to see someone considered by the public as a celebrity and still be grounded and humane. I was very impressed to see that he's very approachable and down to earth.

This collection was very chic and elegant with a touch of mystery. It reminded a bit of those late nights in Paris by a park walking with one of these hats and coats. Combining various patterns such as plaid and dots with jersey and  wool. A very classic look yet well applied and defined for the modern and sophisticated woman. I really loved it and I'm proud of his work.