Blogger's Life

I started my blog over a year ago and since then I've learned about myself more than anything else.
I guess there is no specific recipe or guidelines to follow in order to have a "successful" blog.

According to the social media industry being "successful" is having 
  • A LOT of FANS 
But I've come to realise that by appreciating my work (without other's approval) and giving quality content to my readers is truly what makes me feel more successful than those that have more followers than me.

Maybe I've taken this perspective on my blog because blogging is not my main career goal and also because I don't like portraying myself as the "typical" fashion blogger (will explain on another post).

Here are some of my guidelines for a well shaped blog

Quality Content :

 When I started blogging I thought that by posting every day I would get more traffic and obviously more followers. I unfortunately found myself tired and frustrated of posting "shitty" things and not getting the desired results. I felt unsatisfied with my work and felt it was time for a change. I post every week but not every day... I like to give my readers unique pictures with my outfits posts and I try as much as I can to post pictures taking by me or my photographer... 

Be Authenthic:

Don't ever try to copy another blogger... Don't replicate a look or imitate their way of interacting with their followers... I hate to see so many bloggers posting instragram pictures of their food or arm candies... It's not unique... Sometimes bloggers opt for these "activities" because they want to create MORE traffic and have MORE
followers... in some circumstances it works
but to me it's losing yourself in the crowd....

Don't share your ideas:

Unfortunately I learned this advice by my own experience... Sometimes I'm a bit naive to the point of sharing my ideas with others and then seeing them use my idea to their advantage... NEVER share your ideas... Keep those weapons under your sleeve.

Advertisement Surfer:

Sometimes you get samples or giveaways from some companies but don't ever post those onto your blog...
You can share the social "love" or appreciation on twitter or Facebook but never promote things on your blog without a paycheck...



  1. I love your input on fashion blogging. I was a little bit unsure about whether or not to advertise for free on the blog if I really liked the product. You're right though, the blog should be reserved for those who pay. As much as we love blogging, it's a business afterall and we shouldn't let others take advantage of us!



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