FMDM 2012: Martin Lim & backstage

The fashion festival is back for this summer and along came fabulous fashionable people, drinks, models and photographers! What I enjoy the most about this festival is that it gives the public a taste of Montreal's fashion by showcasing local boutiques and also featuring some local designers. I love that it's opened to the public because not everyone gets a chance to sit down for Montreal's fashion week...and for fashion bloggers it's like a little warm up to the chaotic Fashion week...

On Thursday night I quickly gave a Martin Lim's pop up show in this vintage stm bus!
I never thought that I could convert a bus into a fabulous wardrobe. Softly hanging silk dresses and tops gave this bus a beautiful ambiance combined with jars of candies and with the warm welcoming of the designers I simply felt at home! I always love meeting the designers because it's like meeting the artist behind a painting. 

Voila! The creators of this stunning line Pao Lim and Danielle Martin!
I enjoy recognizing designer's work because I personally understand how hard it can be to conceptualize and execute everything simultaneously and I hope they keep working as well as they've done so far and I'm truly happy to see that they have been able to create a unique and well branded line.

Denis Binet working on his model

not 2 but 3 hairstylist working on curls!

More to come!


have a great weekend!