Look of the day: Minelly or Minelli

You cannot complain about the weather that we had this weekend because it was sunny yet not sweaty hot!
It was the perfect time to go out and take a couple of outfit pictures!

These pictures were taken at my old high school... Its a very special place for me... It brings back so many good memories! I must say that my high schools were the best years of my life... I might be wrong because who knows what life has for me in the next couple of years but I truly cherish all of those unforgettable moments I lived in high school.

On Saturday it was quite chilly and I had so much trouble figuring out what to wear because I wanted to show off my new babies aka my new Minelly shoes (see below) I felt they complimented my "bird" jacket as some of my friends call it... I love it because it's different yet quite formal.

I'm so happy to have purchased these Minelli shoes because they are worth the price and are very comfortable! I will never get tired to tell people to buy shoes that are made in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil... it's hard to find bad shoes made in these countries... They are a bit more expensive but are worth every single penny.

I finally wore my minty pants of the summer!
They have been quite overrated by fashion bloggers and stylists but I think this type of mint is great because it almost looks like white so it can be combined a bit more than a solid mint color.

Anyways Summer is sadly almost over but before everyone goes back into their regular routines such as school or work... I have to start planning my future plans!
I've started to put all my energy into my new BIG project... I do not want to divulge what my project is all about because I'm waiting for it to take shape... I know it won't be easy but I'm very happy to have the support of my family.

Have a great week!

Photographer : Yousuf Hasan

Blazer: Olivia Boutique/ Top: Zara/ Pants: Zara/ Shoes: Minelli / Sunglasses: Cheap Monday



  1. I nominated you Nell http://www.cschronicles.com/2012/08/meet-up.html

  2. Thank you :) I guess I have to replicate your post but with my answers correct?


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