Sep 26, 2012

TOP 5 Milano Fashion Week Spring 2013 Runways

Milano Fashion Week is MY favorite week every season!
Milano has been able to maintain itself on the top charts in the fashion industry and a lot of its success is due to their strong cultural background.
Italian fashion is very detail oriented and accentuates the feminine silhouette to its best!

La semana de la moda Milan siempre es mi preferida en cada temporada!
Milan ha sabido mantenerse en el top de la industria de la moda y su existo se debe mucho a sus fuertes raices culturales.
La mode italiana se enfoca mucho en los detalles y saca a relucir las curbas femininas a su maximo!

Here are my favorite runways for Summer 2013


Strong Bold colors with clean cuts combined with some gentle curves to add some flow and movement
to this elegant collection. Accessorized with elaborated floral jewellery styled accordingly to each of the outfits' color. An outfit completed with very simple snake patterned single strap heel sandals.
Frida Gianni is always stepping a notch higher for elegant and innovative womenswear.

(photo by Graziadaily)

(Photo by savoirfaire)

Dolce & Gabbana  

Very Sicilian rooted designs with well elaborated traditional inspired dresses and adorned with colorful textured accessories. These two designers are continuously making me fall in love with their collections.
I truly admire the way it combines both fashion and culture into something very rich and bold.

Roberto Cavalli  

 Roberto Cavalli's love for animal prints are most likely present in each and one of his collections and this one wasn't the exception. A perfect combination of colors and patterns with long cuts and a bit of fringes and some shimmering touches were seen at this runway. A very fresh a bit casual yet always elegant collection.

(Photo by Roberto Cavalli fb)


I very much appreciate the youthful spirit of Rossella Jardini! Moschino is controversial yet wearable unlike others... This collection was a bit retro with a lot of black and white pieces but also with some colorful dresses and without forgetting some glamorous shimmering shoes!


Donna Versace stepped away from the coral and star fishes and added some watercolor freshness with a bit of western and 70's vibe. I was truly happy to see something very different from the previous collections. Long sleeved dresses with wrinkled silks and organic shaped lace all combined with strapped sandal boots and gorgeous fringed gold belts.



Sep 21, 2012

Look of the day: Summer Sadness

Photography by Yousuf Hasan

So summer is definitely over :( ... Time literally flies...
I think this will be my last "look of the day" segment with light clothes because on that day I was freezing my butt while taking these pictures but they were worth every shiver!

They turned out very good despite the bad weather... I wanted so badly to take some pictures with my yellow blazer... I don't wear it that often because it easily gets wrinkly and its a bit long...But I very much love the color! I also had to wear my new babies... my sneaker heels from Italia!!!

I love the zipper detail on the sides and the color is absolutely stunning. This green forest is unique and I love that they don't have the Velcro straps...

I still can't believe that summer is over... Oh well it's time for a wardrobe swap to fall clothes!

Blazer: Mango / Top: HM / Pants: Zara / Shoes: Ovye by Cristina Lucchi


Sep 19, 2012

Top 5 Blogging Mistakes

After being a bit indecisive on whether or not publishing this post I finally went through with it because I'm hopeful it will be taken by many on a positive note and not on a judgemental tangent.

I didn't write this post to purposely be pointing at other blogger's mistakes because I'm far from having the "miss perfect" label on my forehead but I'm aware that sometimes as blogger you are deeply involved with your projects that you're unable to look outside of the box...

I include myself in some of these mistakes (or problems) and I'm seriously trying to learn and fix what is on my reach. As a designer I've learned that criticism might be a cold slap on the face but it's a true wake up call...

1. Spring cleaning !

Not all bloggers are HTML geeks and graphic or web designers but watching some tutorials or informing yourself with some experts won't hurt! I'm not a pro at these details either but I try to keep it clean... I always say it's better to make it simple but clean than complicated and half assed...

Give your blog some shape with nice unique graphics and readable fonts! Remember the loading of the pages will vary depending on the image resolution and size....(keep that in mind)

2. Saturated social networks

We have been told to set ourselves on every single social network possible... For us to maximise our online visibility but we don't want to over saturate the readers with our pinterests pins and un thought reblogged tumblr images...

Gives your followers a break from your social network left overs but also allow yourself to take a glance around and stop looking at your ipad....

3. Keep it to yourself!

Sometimes I get tired of seeing SO many instagram pictures on my facebook feed... I don't understand bloggers that take pictures of every single thing... I don't consider myself a celebrity and even then why would people care about what my breakfast looks like? Honestly who cares!

Can someone give bloggers the memo that they are not celebrities even if some might give the excuse that they have many followers eager to know what their foam looks like on their latte! Seriously who gives a f***... It's not very unique... you're simply losing yourself in the crowd and not doing anything DIFFERENT from others...

4. Being Selfish

It's a bit impossible not be slightly narcissist as a blogger... because you are literally marketing yourself...
in other words you're somewhat of a social whore... But I believe in the theory that giving is better than receiving... I like to be supportive to local bloggers but sometimes I feel they are not entirely there... I'm not sure if it's because I'm not a French speaker or simply because they could be afraid that I might take some attention from them... I actually get more support from some international readers...and I just don't let it get to me...

It's better to support and follow than to appear like a stuck up fashionista...

5. Not editing...

I must say I truly and fully take this mistake on my shoulders because sometimes I'm in such a rush and I get carried away by my words that I just keep typing without spell checking or take a second look at my sentences... Sometimes I read some blogs and they look so wordy that I forget what the hell he or she were talking about... Aside from typo and spelling problems... I've noticed that not that many bloggers edit their pictures or give their viewers quality pictures...

Quality comes with time but try your best... make it look more professional...

Anyways here are some of my observations... take it or leave it :)


Sep 14, 2012

Look of the Day: Dark Flow

I love this dress!!! Love the movement and the way it flows in the wind.
I also love this HEAVY... tricolor necklace

So fashion week is over (shows and blogging) and we are back to our regular routines...
Summer is gone and everyone is back to school or work...
Everyone seems to be back on track BUT I feel a bit behind on my watch...
This summer has literally been a roller coasters of events and I'm still rolling... although not everything seems to be coming out the way I had planned my faith hasn't dropped to its bottom
and hope is still in my Pandora box.

My guts tell me that something GREAT is waiting for me and I'm absolutely grateful to be sharing this journey with the unconditional love and support of my family.
I've learned a lot the last couple of days, I've met outstanding people and I've become closer to those I never thought to be friends with...

This might sound cheesy but life is full of surprises!

A year ago I had planned my entire 2012 calendar but NOTHING has come out the way I had planned it...
I'm still in Montreal and I'm far from my goals... but everything happens for a reason and I've also learned
that a career is not everything in life... and that people are absolutely unreliable... I've learned many lessons... but bruises are not forever and I'm sure I will get back on my feet stronger and better!

I really hope my BIG project takes it shape very soon!

Have an AMAZING weekend!
Buen fin de semana!

Dress: XXI / Necklace: Winners / Shoes: Minelli

Photographer: Yousuf Hasan


Sep 10, 2012

Sister Love


My sister... Mi hermana as I call her in Spanish...
 is older than me and we are the complete opposite... She is very strong and mature...
She is the business one and I'm the artsy one...
Growing up we would fight all the time... But nowadays we generally get along quite well and our absolute love for fashion has brought us together.
We truly enjoy shopping...especially for shoes!
We appreciate well made and high quality shoes even if that consists of spending over 3 digits...

I truly admire her strength and courage... She is always giving me advice and encouraging me to move forward! She is a true inspiration and I'm glad to have her as a sister.
Sometimes I wish I could be more like her!

Photographer: Yousuf Hasan

Dress: XXI / Necklace: XXI / Bracelet: Las Goyas / Ring: Swatch

- Nelly

Sep 9, 2012

Street Style: Fashion Week Montreal

I met very lovely people at this Fashion Week and I'm truly happy to have attended every single day!
I apolagize if I don't remember some names because I have a gold fish memory.... but I do recall that they were all amazingly stylish fellows!

I met him at my first show and he seriously caught my attention with this neon necklace.


While browsing around the cocktail area I got strike when I saw this beautiful girl wearing this inspired Dolce Gabbana outfit... I HAD to take a picture of her!!! Dolce & Gabbana's winter 2012 collection is my ultimate favourite collection... and this girl seriously pulled it off!


This young fashion design student caught my eye with his custom studded shirt...I simply fell in love with this detail... It had that surprise touch!


I really loved her outfit because it was semi casual and semi classy! This wool blazer reminiscent to a Chanel jacket with these washed jeans and a simple white top were a perfect equation for a relaxed yet fashion forward look.

(Rocca from who knows fashion )

I saw her taking steet styles pictures and watching her take place to take a shot I noticed her beautiful necklace! Her skull diamonded necklace seriously caught my attention! Her casual and a bit bohemian look with a touch of bling was an outstanding combination and it was a pleasure meeting another fabulous blogger!

While walking around and waiting for the next show... I got caught by watching these two ladies chit chat and I simply had the duty to take a shot of their rocky chic style!
I loved the way they combined their feminine side such as a delicate silk black top and these floral pants with these leather biker jackets! 

When I saw this girl I thought she was one of the models from the runwat because she is quite tall and obviously gorgeous but she's not...Her black Chanel purse caught my eye and I simply loved the combination of her snake patterned pants with a denim top layered with a leather jacket... Just a lovely outfit!

And finally Daniel Manzini and me!!! I met this talented Italian hair stylist at fashion week and he was a true fashion angel!!! I always enjoy meeting twitter followers in person :)
I'm sure you'll be seeing him around more in Montreal's fashion scene!


Sep 8, 2012

SMM23: Fashion Week Montreal Day 3



As always Annie 50 showcased a very feminine collection with a bit of a marine thematic. A lot of coral,blues and patterns. Most skirts and dresses with some hair accessory. I really loved the color combinations and I felt like I had re winded in time :) I absolutely loved the hair styling and the white gloves!
A very chic and girlie 2013 summer!


I was fortunate to be seated front row and I got the surprise factor quite close... the dogs :)
Hip and Bone presented a very youthful and urban collection with shorts, blouses and t-shirts.
A very black and white collection... I must say I loved those leather sleeved trench coats!! I want one!
A very sleek and clean collection with a touch of surprise!


I somehow handle to get really bad shots for the last show... it was a very black, beige and a bit rocky collection. A bit of a biker look with the classic Rudsak trench coats... I absolutely loved the rounded sunglasses and the sandals!


Sep 7, 2012

SMM23: Fashion Week Montreal Day 2


This was my first show of the second day and I absolutely loved it! DUY had so MANY pieces I wish I will be able to purchase for next spring! A light and fresh collection combined with a lot of transparency, movement and gold. I love when designers are creative but also innovative and DUY did it! A collection that is wearable and sleek. I also love the wide range of garments from denim to braided wool and solid light colors.

It was the "show" of the night and absolutely entertaining collection but a bit heavy for summer... The cuts and pieces are appropriate for summer but the fabric is a bit questionable... I really loved the entertaining factor of having a couple of men transformed into outrageous divas! The show was vibrant and youthful!


Unfortunately I was unable to take some nice shots for this show :( ... This collection was very bold with dark statements and some shimmer bright gold. A very simple but tasteful collection.
With some oriental accents and sharp angled pieces it was one of the most intriguing collections of the night.

DAY 3 will be posted tomorrow :)